Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Part Cs: Sec A, C, D, G (changes made to Learning Journey)

Dear Part Cs who are affected by Trainfire (17th Jan) and IMT (27th Jan), please note the change in your learning journey dates.

The following students will go with Sec 3K on the 20th Jan. Please assemble at the front porch at 1.30pm and report to Mr Jeremy Wong.

Sec 3A
Ervine Cheong
Issac Lim

Sec 3C
Randy Ng
Edward Teow

Sec 3D
Ethan Lim
Irvin Ho
Soh Yew Wei
Tay Tze Hee
Teo Yong Quan
Toh You Jing
Tan Wei Yang

Sec 3G
Aaron Lai
Lee Chong Jie
Keith Tan

Please remind the students that there will no further allocation of dates if they miss this learning journey.

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