Thursday, December 09, 2010

Meeting for selected part c's

Part A PS: SSG Lee Ming Han, 3SG Ian Ng, 3SG Vernon Chee, 3SG Edmund Ng.
Part B PS: 2SG Yik Sin Kang, 3SG Tan Jia Hao, 3SG Tan Jing Ren.
Part C PS: 3SG Chan Kaiwen, 3SG Daniel Chia.
Training Specialists: SSG Chan Yuk Chi, 3SG Randal Lim, 3SG Peh Jun Kai.

Those mentioned above are to come back to school on the 29th of December for a meeting with Sir Teng to plan the trainings for next year. This is compulsory. Those who see this please spread the word to these people.
Reporting time: 1330hrs
Release time : To be confirmed.

SSG Sean Soh