Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Notice For Part C's

Part A Main, assistant Ps. Part B Main, assistant Ps. Part C Main, assistant Ps. CSM, ASM, Trg Specs(Main & Assistants). Please tell me which dates you guys are free on the last week of december. Sir Teng wants us to plan training for next year.

SSG Minghan, 3SG Ian, 3SG Vernon, 3SG Edmund, 2SG Sin Kang, 3SG Jia Hao, 3SG Jing Ren, 3SG Kaiwen, 3SG Daniel, SSG YuHao, SSG Calvin, SSG YukChi, 3SG Junkai, 3SG Randal.

Reply ASAP.

SSG Sean Soh

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