Sunday, November 28, 2010

FSD trainings

There will be training for FSD members on the following dates.

29th Nov(no.4), 30th Nov(no.3), 27th Dec(no.4), 28th Dec(no.3), 29th Dec(no.4).

Reporting time: 0915hrs
Release time: 1230hrs
Reporting attire: (attire stated above) + headgear
Things to bring: barra tee, water bottle.

Please spread this to the rest of the members as well.

SSG Sean Soh

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Notice For Part C's

Part A Main, assistant Ps. Part B Main, assistant Ps. Part C Main, assistant Ps. CSM, ASM, Trg Specs(Main & Assistants). Please tell me which dates you guys are free on the last week of december. Sir Teng wants us to plan training for next year.

SSG Minghan, 3SG Ian, 3SG Vernon, 3SG Edmund, 2SG Sin Kang, 3SG Jia Hao, 3SG Jing Ren, 3SG Kaiwen, 3SG Daniel, SSG YuHao, SSG Calvin, SSG YukChi, 3SG Junkai, 3SG Randal.

Reply ASAP.

SSG Sean Soh

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NCC Shooting Competition (Schedule and Results)

Dear Barracudas:

The NCC shooting competition for Part C will be held on 18th Nov

Our competitors : Yik Sin Kang, Chan Kai Wen, Tan Jia Hao, Randal Lim,Goh Jun Teck (R)

Time of report : 18th Nov (Thu) 0720h at MSHS
Attire : Number 4 uniform with EZ-Link card and personal Ear plug

Our Part B shooters had done well and emerged as one of the top 5 teams in NCC. Ng Jing Rong was placed among the Top 10 individual shooters for Part B cadets. They will receive their prizes on Friday. Well done.

All cadets are cautioned that Cameras, Camera Handphones, Notebooks and Laptops are strictly prohibited in Nee Soon Camp. These items must be declared and surrendered to the Guardroom before entering the camp. Anyone who is caught with any such item shall be liable for disciplinary action including disqualification from the competition.

All competitors plus reserve must be present for the competition.

All the BEST Barracudas

LTA(NCC) Teng Chai Chew
CO MSHS Barracudas

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Part C Meeting.(Compulsory)

All Part C cadets.

There will be a meeting tomorrow for all the part c's. All part c's are to attend. Main platoon sergeants please inform your assistants. Main s1,s2,s3,s4. Please inform your assistants. Pti's and SPG are to attend as well.

Reporting venue: Company Command Post
Reporting time: 1000hrs-1200hrs
Attire: Pt-kit.

SSG Sean Soh

Friday, November 12, 2010

NCC Street Soccer Tournament Finals (CONFIRMED)

Dear Barracudas,

The Young Lions had crashed out of the ASIAN GAMES soccer tournament before the Asian game officially opened tonight. Do not be despair, you can still support our very own Part C Barracudas at the Inter Unit NCC Street Soccer competition final to be held tomorrow (13 Nov) at :

Fico Sports Hub Jurong

0800 - 1200

If you are interested to support your very own Barracudas, please report at 0700 h at the school front porch tomorrow in your Barracudas Tee and School PE shorts. We will take a bus to Fico Sports Hub Jurong together with the players. There will also be bus transport back to Maris Stella after the competition. Expected time of release from school after the event is 1315.

All the BEST to our very own Torres, Villa, Mecci, Ronaldo.

LTA(NCC) Teng Chai Chew

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Meeting for Part Cs

All Part Cs who are holding onto spare keys and all key appointment holders (CSM, ASMs, Head S1/2/3/4 and Head PSs) please meet in the NCC Room for am important meeting tomorrow, 12 Nov at 11:00 AM sharp to 11:20 AM. Limited cookies will be provided.

2SG Rong Kang

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

15th November 2010 FSD Training

There will be training for all FSD members.

Reporting time:1300hrs
Reporting Venue Outside Company Command Post
Reporting attire: No. 4
Dismissal time: 1600hrs-1700hrs

Note: Please have your lunch before attending the training. Bring along your barra tee.

SSG Sean Soh

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Civil Defence Course for Part B (REMINDER)

Note: In light of this course for Part B Cadets, Part Bs may come 1 hour earlier instead on 11 Nov Thursday (at 2.30pm instead of 3.45pm) for consultation regarding any aspect of the Proficiency Test. Part C cadets will be around to help you. - 2SG Rong Kang


The Civil Defence Basic Course, which is part of the NCC’s elective programmes, is a national effort aimed at educating and teaching our civilian population about the potential disasters and emergencies that may unexpectedly occur in our country.

Date: 10th Nov 2010 (Wed)

HQ 2nd Civil Defence Division
1 Tampines Industrial Avenue 3
Singapore 52877

Reporting time:
Please meet at the 72 Bus Stand in Tampines Interchange at 7.15 am. Thereafter, we will take the bus to the venue.

Reporting attire:
No. 4 Uniform with Head Dress with a neat hair cut

Dismissal Time: 5.30 pm from Civil Defence HQ

Things to bring:
Barracudas T-shirt and writing materials

Saturday, November 06, 2010

4th NCC Free Style Exhibition Drill Course

Dear Part B :

I am glad to announce that Cho Yen Wee and Randy Ng will represent the unit for this course to be held from 23th to 26th Nov on virtue that they had participated in this year Freestyle drill competition.

Yen Wee and Randy, please check your google mail for detail info on the course. Please inform the CO if you have any queries.

All the BEST for the course

ITHP Reminder

Part A and B,

Please be reminded that the last day to sign up for the Introductory Tae-Kwon Do Holiday Programme is tomorrow, 7th November (Sunday). Please make sure that you enter in the form in the post below to indicate your interest before the deadline. Thank You.

2SG Rong Kang

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Proficiency Test Information for Part A and B

All Part A and Part B,

The information regarding Proficiency Test has been sent to your Studywiz inbox on 6 November. Please check. You may also go to for help on B&H.

The Part A and B Remedial Lesson will be held on 10 November, Wednesday (the day before Proficiency Test). We will go through B&H, splices for Part B and other important areas. We may have a mock test as well. It is not compulsory but highly recommended that you attend.

Remedial Lesson
Reporting time: 1315 (O Level ends at 1215)
Reporting location: NCC Room
Reporting attire: Any school-related attire
End time: About 1600, depending on speed
Things to bring: Writing Materials, Rope, Notes.

The Proficiency Test will be held at Kallang Sea Training Center on 11th Nov (Thu).

Proficiency Test
Time of reporting to MSHS Front porch : 1545
Time of Bus Leaving for KSTC : 1600
Transport : 1 way (expected time of release from KSTC is 1800)
Attire : Number 3 uniform with head dress

Things to bring: (important!)
Writing Materials
Student Pass (copy of passport if don't have)
Rope to practice

2SG Rong Kang

NCC Introductory Tae-Kwon Do Holiday Programme (ITHP)

Please enter the link below and provide the relevant information to indicate interest and sign up for NOMINATION for the ITHP.

Only Part A and Part B can sign up for nomination.

The programme will be held in school for two days within 1-10 Dec. Each day is about 4 hours. The days will be considered after the nomination, and hence your participation is not confirmed yet.

Cadets who are on prevailing medical conditions are STRONGLY NOT advised to attend the programme.

The deadline for nomination is 7 November.

2SG Rong Kang

Monday, November 01, 2010

Island Wide Parks & Beach Cleaning 2010

Dear Part As,

Hope you have had a restful Sunday :)

Kindly note that we have a HQ event on 1st Nov, Monday, at Upper Seletar Reservoir Park

Time: 2pm
Venue: MSHS, Basketball Court
Attire: No. 4 Pants with NCC tee + Jockey Cap

2-way transport will be provided and CIP hours will be awarded for this event. We should be back in school by 5.45pm.

Thank you.

Mdm Wong