Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stand Down from 15th Sep till 7th Oct

Dear Cadets :

In view of the upcoming SA2 examination, the unit will stand down from 15th Sep till 7th Oct to allow cadets to have more time for their studies. Training will resume from 8th Oct.

For information, our Part C cadets participated in the inaugural NCC Street soccer competition yesterday and came in 2nd in Sea District. With this result, they qualify for the Grand Final to be held on 23th Oct at Fico Sports Hub in Jurong( where they will compete with Top teams from other NCC District.

On behalf of all NCC teacher officers, I would like to wish all cadets, all the best for your examination. Remember, if you have the RIGHT ATTITUDE towards studies, the A's will come your way.

LTA(NCC) Teng Chai Chew
CO MSHS Barracudas

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Training 15th September

Wednesday 15th September

Reporting time: 1400h
Reporting attire: No.3 & Bring along your PT-Kit.(Barra tee + PE shorts)
End time: 1740

Note: Part A's & Part B's - There will be a drill mutual for the Part A's and Part B's. Please make sure that your uniforms are ironed well and neat. Marks will be given for bearing. Please shine your shoes as well.

Part C's- Platoon sergeants testing the part A's and the Part B's have to wear number 3.
- Part C's going for the basic diver test will be excused from training.

SSG Sean Soh

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Cutter Pulling at KSTC on 8th Sep 2010

Attention to cadets involved in Cutter Pulling on 8th Sep 2010:
Time of report at front porch : 1330
Attire : Kayaking attire, please bring booties or covered shoes and wear Barracudas T-shirt
Transport : 1 way
Expected time of dismissal from KSTC : 1630

Cadets involved :
Part C : Jia Hao, Randal Lim and Ye Rong
Part B : Shawn Lee, Aaron Lai, Ng Qun Zhao, Brent Lee, Woon Jun Bao, Ng Jing Rong, Yen Wee

Please had your lunch before you report to school.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Training on 3 September

Friday 3 September
Reporting time: 1400
Reporting attire: PT kit

Note: Pt B please bring a directional compass (not one for drawing circles), protractor and ruler for the Orienteering Lesson tomorrow.

3SG Isaac Er