Thursday, August 26, 2010

Guide: Wearing No. 3 Uniform

Attention all Part As (and Part Bs)

Please follow the following photos for how to wear your No. 3 properly.

Iron your Shirt! Ensure there are no stains on your shirt.

Above the right breast pocket (right side is left when the shirt is facing you):
1. Name Tag (centre and align bottom to the top line of pocket)
2. Total Defence Badge (centre of pocket flap)
3. Misc. badges (one - centre, two - one line and centre, three - centre pyramid. Should be roughly one finger above your name tag)

Above left breast pocket:
1. Kayaking 1/2/3 star badges (centre on pocket flap)
2. Specialist badge (left)
3. Sea Proficiency Badge (right) (note: centre the proficiency badge since you don't have the specialist badge)
Badges should be about centre between top of pocket and collar (see photo)

Rank (about 3 fingers below start of both sleeves. For this you can bring to tailor to help you sew nicely.)
NAPFA badge (pin through centre or top and on left sleeve and not the right, the photo has an error)

For a smarter look, starch NCC ampulets and collar using fabric starch.

Note: This guide is not exhaustive as there are many other badges you can obtain for your No.3 Uniform. This only shows the basic badges for up to Part B/C.
 Should you need help with your advanced badges, please consult your (Part "E") seniors or CLTs.


Anonymous said...

Whoa NCC Has changed so much since those days! no more shield badges?


MJH said...

The NCC (Sea) badges has indeed grown. Programmes are also improved. It is good to know that. I only hope they still have time for the bread and butter Sea Cadet things like basic seamanship, chartwork & navigation, sailing and other boatwork...

Tobias Chan said...