Wednesday, June 30, 2010

NCC Day Parade 1st July 2010

NCC Day Parade - 1st July 2010
Reporting time: 0630
Reporting Venue: Basketball
Attire: Full No.3

Please make sure your uniform is in tip-top condition.
Also, please have a proper breakfast, have plenty of water and sleep before arriving in the morning.
Bring some energy bar/chocolate bar to fuel yourself before coming.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dragon Boat Heats on 30th June

Attention to the Dragon boaters, please note the following
Date : 30 June (Wednesday)
Time : 1330 hrs at Kallang Sea Training Centre.
Attire : NCC or school T-shirt, shorts and sandals with straps or shoes (strictly no slippers).
Time of dismissal from class : 1230 h (please have your lunch)
Time of report at front porch : 1300 h
Transport : 2 way (come back school for NCC day observance training)
Rules of competition :

1) Racing course is based on a straight-line with start point (boat) and end point (marker beside jetty). The course and regulation may be changed due to bad weather.

2) The heats timing will be taken for all the teams. The best 3 timings will be selected to progress to the finals on 2 July, to determine the top 3 places.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Training on 30th June

Wednesday, 30th June 2010

Attire: PT Kit (Barracudas T-shirt)
Reporting time: 1415
End time: 1800
Reporting Venue: Company Command Post

There will be rehearsals for the upcoming NCC Day parade on this training, and all are highly encouraged to attend.

Cadets attending Dragon Boat heats (see below post):
1. Ervine Cheong (2A)
2. Cho Yen Wee (2B)
3. Randy (2C)
4. Brent Lee (2I)
5. Woon Jun Bao (2I)
6. Eugene Gwan (3D)
7. Tan Jing Ren (3D)
8. Bryan Ng (3D)
9. Ye Rong (3G)
10. Lyn Yang (3K)
11. Hong Liang (3I)

2SG Chew Rong Kang

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Additional Reading for Land Spec Course

Fellow Part C Cadets:

Here are some additional material for the Land Spec Course which may be useful:

1. Notes from the Refresher Course (have to login into MSHS google account)

2. JSS NCC Group
There are some useful information about NCC and Trainfire here

3. GVSS NCC Handbook
Other information that is for general reading

Also do check the NCC information on the NCC official website.
Do share if you have any other sources that will be helpful for everyone to use.
CPL Chew Rong Kang

Monday, June 14, 2010

Land Spec Course from 21 June - 23 June

This is a reminder to all 28 Part C cadets who had attended IMOS Spec course either in March or June that the Specialists’ Course (Land Module) will be held from 21 to 23 June 2010 at NCC Campus.

Like last year, cadets would be evaluated on the following during the 3-day course:

a. TF Test

b. IFC Test

c. GSK Test

d. Physical Fitness

e. Peer Appraisal

Please note that during the course, you guys are under Submarine company. Please note the following on the reporting time :

REPORTING TIME (Day 1 and 3): ALL Course participants are to report at NCC Campus by 0800 hours on Day 1 and 3 of the Specialist Course in Number 4 uniform and head dress.

REPORTING TIME (Day 2): Course participants in Submarine Company (see table 2) are to report at Singapore Discovery Centre Bus Bay by 1200 hours, which is walking distance from Joo Koon MRT station. Lesson will be expected to be ended by 2100 hours.

(Please refer to email in Marist google mail that i will sent to you regarding the detailed training program for the 3 days). Cadets who are unable to access their Marist mail are to check with their fellow Part C platoon mates.

Please note that Land Module Spec course is compulsory for promotion to the rank of Sergeant. As such, no reasons for absence other than a certified MC will be accepted for the Specialist Course (Land Module) at NCC Campus. Cadets will be made to pay for the indented rations and course if they are absence without any medical reason. Cadets must complete the 3 days course in order to pass the course and be promoted to the sergeant rank.

Also, kindly take note on the following:

CADET’S HARCUT When the Cadets arrive for in-processing for Camp, all cadets will be inspected for dressing and hair cut. Please remind your male cadets to have a short and neat haircut. Barbers will be present to cut the hair of male Cadets with long hair at a cost of $4.00.

ELECTRONIC DEVICES. Please be reminded that camera, camera hand phones, laptops, thumbdrives, MP3 players (these come with storage capacity), PSPs and any electronic device capable of storing data are strictly prohibited in the camp complex. The guards and military police attached to the Camp will thoroughly check through each individual personnel at the gate.

All the Best for the course.

LTA(NCC) Teng Chai Chew

CO MSHS Barracudas

Saturday, June 12, 2010

36th AKE from 13 June till 16th June 2010

This is a reminder to the following Part C cadets attending the AKE.

1). Randal Lim
2). Tan Jia Hao
3). Calvin Leong
4). Sean Soh
5). Ho Yong Jia
6). Teo Yu Hao
7). Vernon Chee
8). Khoo Ye Rong

Please be reminded that you must report at SSTC on 13th June @ 1600. Please refer to the Admin Instruction given to all of you in May for what to bring for the AKE. There will not be transport provided to SSTC and on the last day of AKE. You are advisable to bring along a small bag to carry the items that you will need when you sleep over at Pasir Ris camp on 14th June 10.

For Sean, Yong Jia, Ye Rong and Vernon (the rest no need), please access your Marist Google mail to check the latest email sent to you by Mr Teng regarding AKE. You must print out the declaration form, get your parent to sign and bring it along tomorrow when you report to SSTC.

All the Best for the AKE.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Part A Updates (June Programme)

Dear Part As,

A) 16 cadets are selected for Water Ambassador Programme on 23rd June Wed. Meet at Tanah Merah MRT at 8am, in No 4 Uniform. Your NCOs will meet you at the MRT. Kindly check your google email for updates. They are:
1) Alvin
2) Shao Ming,
3) Thaddeus
4) Marcus Tan
5) Elvis
6) Xuan Zhao
7) Bryant
8) Delvin
9) Nicholas
10) Shaun
11) Zion
12) Jaryl
13) Marcus Lee
14) Chui Hao
15) Wee Onn
16) Marcus Chioh

B) Students who have signed up for NCC Energy Experience, please note that NO transport and NO lunch is provided. Reach Electricity Efficiency Centre (111 Somerset Road #01-08) by 8.30am in your No. 4 Uniform. The nearest MRT is Somerset. You are required to bring along 3 months of utilities bills, writing materials and calculator. The various in-charge (i/c) is required to remind your fellow cadets on the programme AND bring along the nominal roll for submission. Cadets who have signed up for this elective course are:

18 & 25 June
1) Joel Foo
2) Thaddeus (i/c)
3) Chui Hao
4) Jaryl
5) Elvis
6) Eugene Tan
7) Xuan Zhao
8) Woon Jun Bao (Part B)
9) Wei Jie
10) Spencer Lim

16 & 23 June
1) Joshua Liau (Part B)
2) Randy Ng (Part B)

15 & 22 June
1) Chen Keat
2) Nicholas Leong
3) Shaun (i/c)
4) Shao Ming (i/c)
5) Yao Xiang
6) Jia An
7) Han Lin
8) Bryant
9) Matthew
10) Delvin

4 & 11 Nov
1) Puo Yuan (i/c)
2) Marcus Lee
3) Marcus Tan
4) Zion Tay
5) Alvin Chan
6) Linus
7) Jason Tan
8) Yi Hao
9) Chong Jie
10) Keith
11) Jingrong
12) Sherwin
13) Tze Hee

Should there be any clarification, contact me at

Mdm Wong