Sunday, May 30, 2010

Reminder for Part As and Bs

The Part C cadets would like to take this opportunity to remind all Part A and B cadets to spend some of the ample time during the June Holidays to train their physical fitness. Try to allocate 2-3 days every week to play sports or do exercises to improve your own fitness standard. We would like to see every cadet come back for training fitter and stronger in Term 3.

On behalf of your Part C leaders, CPL Chew Rong Kang.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

AKE Expedition Planning & Theory Course at HQ NCC (2 June)

For 2010, Sea District is conducting a one-day Expedition Planning & Theory course for the AKE participants to enhance and value-add their AKE experience. This will be conducted at NCC HQ.

Details :

Date : 2 June 2010 (Wednesday)

Venue : NCC Theatrette

Reporting Time : 0845 hrs

Attire : No.3

Things to bring : writing materials/long rulers

Lunch will be provided for the cadets. The course is expected to end at 1630 hrs.

Cadets are to arrange their own transport to and fro from HQ NCC.

This is a compulsory course for all AKE participants before the actual AKE commences.

Please do not bring camera handphone or any form of image capturing devices, macbook etc to the camp.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Energy Program at Somerset open for Part B cadets

To all Part B cadets:

Last year HQ(NCC) only alloted two vacancy for the unit for this course and Cho Yen Wee and Teo Yong Quan attended the course and was subsequently awarded the energy efficiency badge.
This year, Mdm Wong had successfully negotiated more vacancy for the unit.

They are vacancy left for the 2 days course on the following dates:

Training Dates : 16th June (Day 1) and 23th June (Day 2) - 10 vacancy

Kindly note that the other slots are FULL. Hence, only 16/23 June slot is left.

Interested Part B cadets may approach Mdm Wong to register your interest. You may also email her at by 2nd June 2010, 12nooon

Kindly indicate your:
1) Full Name
3) Personal hp
4) Home Tel
5) Address
6) Parent's /Guardian's (NOK) Name
7) NOK hp
8) Which session are you signing up for

Road Marshal for PTM on 27th May

The following cadets have volunteered as Road Marshal tomorrow:

1). Teo YuHao
2). Chan Yuk Chi
3). Calvin Leong
4). Goh Jun Teck
5). Peh Jun Kai
6). Lee Ming Han
7). Daniel (3C)
8). Randal Lim
9). Kenko
10). Kek Kenwit
11). Tay Tze Hee

Please report at the front porch in Number 3 uniform for instruction and deployment. The expected time of duty will be from 12:15 till 15:15. CIP hours shall be given accordingly.

CO would like to thank these 11 cadets for volunteering to assist in this event.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Dragon Boat Training on 26th May 10

The following cadets will be involved in the Dragon boat training on 26th May 10. They are:

1). Ervine Cheong (2A)
2). Cho Yen Wee (2B)
3). Randy (2C)
4). Brent Lee (2I)
5). Woon Jun Bao (2I)
6). Eugene Gwan (3D)
7). Jing Ren (3D)
8). Bryan Ng (3D)
9). Ye Rong (3G)
10). Ian (3I)
11). Lyn Yang (3K)

Time of dismissal from class : 1210
Time of fall in at front porch : 1245
Attire for training : Kayaking attire with booties (no sandals allowed)
Time of dismissal : 1600 at KSTC
Transport : 1 way transport from MSHS to KSTC

Cadets are reminded not to bring Macbook to school on Wednesday. Cadets involved are to be properly attired in school uniform in the morning and changed to kayaking attire at 1210.

Training on 26th May 2010

Wednesday, May 26th 2010

Attire: PT Kit (Barracudas T-Shirt)
Reporting Time: 1410
Training duration: 1410 - 1840 (note updated time)
Reporting Venue: Company Command Post

Part D do not need to attend this training.
There is no training on Friday, May 28th as it is Vesak Day, a public holiday.

CPL Chew Rong Kang

Friday, May 21, 2010

Refresher session for Specialist Course (Land) Module

Part C cadets going for Land Spec course to take note :

There will be a refresher course for Land Spec course participants on

Date : 24th May, Monday
Time : 1300 - 1700
Attire : Number 4

Part C cadets (minus 10 Sec 2 camp helpers) shall be dismissed from lesson at 1210 to take lunch and to assemble at the front porch at 1235 in Number 4 uniform. There will be 1 way transport from MSHS to Amoy Quee Camp and dismissal is at Amoy Quee Camp.

You are reminded not to bring Macbook, any form of image capturing devices into the camp.

Attendence is compulsory for cadets not involved in Sec 2 camp as the refresher course will provide you with the knowledge to do well for the Land Spec course.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Part A Matters

Dear Cadets,

1) Cadets who are NOT selected for the Navy Open House, please note that NCC training (21st May, Fri) is cancelled. So, there is NO NCC training in the afternoon for the Part As.

2) Cadets who are going for the Navy Open House, you will be excused from lesson at 11am. Please fall-in in your N0. 3 Attire by 11.20am.

3) Kindly note that you are NOT allowed to bring Macbook AND image-capturing devices into the SAF camp. Hence, DO NOT bring such items to school tomorrow

4) ONLY a 1-way transport to Navy Open House is provided. You will be dismissed at Tanah Merah MRT by 6pm.

Cadets Going for Open House:
1) Tan Xuan Zhao
2) Yeo Han Lin
3) Bryant Tan
4) Chua Chen Keat
5) Su Puo Yuan
6) Nicholas Leong
7) Linus Wu
8) Alvin Chan
9) Thaddeus
10) Marcus Lee
11) Jason Tan
12) Joel Foo
13) Mok Chui Hao
14) Tan Yi Hao
15) Ong Wei Jie
16) Marcus Tan
17) Elvis Tan

Mdm Wong

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Training on 19th and 21st May 2010


Attire: Barracudas T-shirt (except for part C)

Reporting time: 2.15p.m

Training duration: 2.15 – 5.30 p.m

Reporting Venue: Company Command Post

Note: *Part C's pls wear no.4 uniform instead.


Attire: No.4 uniform and Barracudas T-shirt

Reporting time: 2.15p.m

Training duration: 2.15 - 6.30 p.m

Reporting Venue: Company Command Post

2sgt Leo Ming Long

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Urgent Email in Marist Google Mail

All Part C cadets. Please access your marist google mail to read a very important email from CO.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Urgent - Last call for ISCEP for Part C Cadets

Dear Part C cadets:

This is the last call for Part C cadets regarding the ISCEP to either Hong Kong, USA or UK. For your information, Ms Toh Ling Ling had volunteered to go for either USA or UK trip as the NCC teacher officer.

If you are interested, please seek approval from your parents and look for Mr Teng in the morning at the Staff room. Inform your parents that this is a chance not to be missed and your seniors who had gone for previous trip were able to catch up with their studies after they return from the trip. Also since Ms Toh is going, you can still revise your Mathematics during the trip.

Closing date for application is this Wednesday 12th May 2010.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Civil Defence Course for Part B

The Civil Defence Basic Course, which is part of the NCC’s elective programmes, is a national effort aimed at educating and teaching our civilian population about the potential disasters and emergencies that may unexpectedly occur in our country.

Date: 10th Nov 2010 (Wed)

HQ 2nd Civil Defence Division
1 Tampines Industrial Avenue 3
Singapore 52877

Reporting time:
Please meet at the 72 Bus Stand in Tampines Interchange at 7.15 am. Thereafter, we will take the bus to the venue.

Reporting attire:
No. 4 Uniform with Head Dress with a neat hair cut

Dismissal Time: 5.30 pm from Civil Defence HQ

Things to bring:
Barracudas T-shirt and writing materials

SANA Course for Part B

The SANA Course is a collaboration between SJAB and SANA. It enables participating cadets to be transfer agents in order to pass on the anti-drug and inhalant abuse message and educate their peers on the dangers of drug abuse.

Participants who successfully complete the course would be awarded certificates and badges

Date: 4th June 2010 (Friday)

SANA Sengkang Community Hub
2 Sengkang SQ, #05-01, Singapore 545025

Reporting time:
All cadets participating in the course must report by 7.45 am at Seng Kang MRT. Thereafter, proceed to Sengkang Community Hub

Things to bring: Writing materials

Reporting attire: No. 4 uniform

Dismissal Time:
5.30 pm from Sengkang Community Hub

Note: No lunch will be provided. Please along bring some cash for lunch.