Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chief of Defence Force Change of Command Parade

The following cadets will be involved in the CDF COC Parade on 1st Apr 10 at SAFTIMI.

2 3J Sean Soh Zhe Xun
3 3E Goh Jun Teck
4 3F Chan Yuk Chi
5 3C Tan Jia Hao
6 2A Ervine Cheong Ao Ren
7 2B Cho Yen Wee
8 2C Randy Ng
9 2E Isaac Lim Wen Liang
10 2E Damien O'Brian Jacob Jie KYC
11 2E Ng Jing Rong
12 2E Shawn Lee Jia Jun
13 2G Lee Chong Jie
14 2G Tan Qi Sheng Keith

Attire : Number 3 uniform with beret (cadets may wear Number 3 to school)
Time of Dismissal from class: 1320
Time of Fall in at Front Porch : 1350
Time of dismissal :
The parade will end at 1830 and there will be bus transport from SAFTIMI back to the following 3 locations : (a) Boon Lay MRT, (b) Tampines MRT, (c) HQ(NCC)

As there will not be transport back to school, cadets are expected to bring along with them their bag for the parade. Please do not bring camera or camera handphone as they are not allowed in the SAFTIMI. Cadets are hereby instructed not to bring Macbook to school tomorrow. Bags will be subjected to tight security check so please adhere to the instruction.

LTA(NCC) Teng Chai Chew
CO MSHS Barracudas

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Training On 31st March

Wednesday: 31st March 2010
Reporting Venue: Company Command Post
Reporting Time: 2.15pm
Attire: PT-Kit
Training Duration: 2.15pm-5.30pm
Note: There is no training on 2nd April 2010
2SG Goh Jun Cong

Monday, March 29, 2010

Housekeeping Matters (Part As)

Dear Part As

1) Please submit consent forms (Battlefield & NCC Affirmation Ceremony) i/c Nicholas Leong (Sec 1G) by 31st Mar 2010 (wed). Students who are unable to be present for the event, your parents need to indicate it on the consent form. Only valid reason will be accepted.

Thank you.

Mdm Wong

Sunday, March 28, 2010

LIVE SAR 21 RANGE ON 31st March 10

The following Part C cadets please take note of the LIVE RANGE on 31st March 10.

1). Randal Lim
2). Kenko Tan
3). Teo Yu Hao
4). Gabriel Lim
5). Chan Yuk Chi
6). Eugene Gwan
7). Vernon Chee
8). Issac Er
9). Lee Ming Han
10). Koh Yi Pin
11). Chan Kai Wen
12). Tan Jia Hao
13). Sean Soh
14). Goh Jun Teck
15). Peh Jun Kai
16). Edmund Ng
17). Khoo Hong Liang
18). Yik Sin Kang

Time of excuse from class: 1135
Fall in at front porch : 1150
Attire: Number 4 Uniform (Cadets will not be allowed to shoot if not in number 4)
Thing to bring : EZ-Link Card
Dismissal : 1800 from Maris Stella High School

Part C who are not going for the range shall stay in school to assist the Part D.

Friday, March 26, 2010

2 Star Kayaking Personal Skill Award (for Part B and some Part C) Impt Updates for 28 Mar (Sun)

Dear Cadets,

The last session of the 2 Star Kayaking Course is this Sun (28 Mar). The training will start from 8.30 am and end at 6.00 pm. This is to make up for the training last Sat.

Meeting Place: Kallang MRT
Time: 8.00 am (Please do not be late)

Important Note: There will be a short expedition in the afternoon. Thus, you have to pack your own food (e.g Sandwiches) for lunch and waterproof your food using at least 2 zip lock bag.

LTA (NCC) Tan Hui Kuan


Date: 5th April 2010 1300 – 1730 hrs.


Reporting time:
Report at Maris Stella High School (Front Porch) at 12.30pm
(Bus will leave for NCC HQ at 12.50 pm)
Cadets are excused from class from 12.10 pm onwards to have lunch.

Reporting attire:
No. 4 Uniform with Head Dress
(Please report to school in the morning in No 4.)

Dismissal Time:
5.30 pm from NCC HQ (There is no transport provided)

All cadets are reminded that CAMERA HANDPHONES, cameras, lap-tops, MACBOOK and PDAs are not permitted in the camp due to security reasons.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Training on 26th March 2010

Friday: 26th March 2010
Reporting venue: Company Command Post
Reporting Time: 2.15p.m
Attire: PT-kit and No.3
Training duration: 2.15 - 6.30p.m

2sgt Leo Ming Long

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This announcement is for Part C and Part D cadets.

RSS-NCC will be organising a Sea-Sortie onboard RSS Endeavour from 6th April till 8th April.

Part C and D cadets who are interested to attend this event are to inform LTA(NCC) Teng Chai Chew by 25th March 10.

The requirement for this trip is that you must be a good swimmer.

LTA(NCC) Teng Chai Chew
CO MSHS Barracudas

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No Training on 24th March 10 - E-Learning Day

Please note that there will not be any training on 24th March 10 due to E- Learning for Sec 1 to Sec 3.

Part A to Part C cadets are expected to stay at home to complete their E-Learning module given by the respective subject teachers.

Training will resume on Friday 26th March 10.

LTA(NCC) Teng Chai Chew
CO MSHS Barracudas

Monday, March 22, 2010

Volunteers for Dragon boaters for YOG 2010 Opening Ceremony

NCC (SEA) district had been tasked to send a team of 30 NCC Sea Cadets to volunteer as dragon boat rowers for the Singapore Youth Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.

This is an opportunity for our cadets to contribute to the success of the 1st YOG to be held in Singapore from 14th - 26th August 10.

HQ(NCC) had indicated that each unit can send up to 5 Part C cadets for the selection. Interested cadets please inform LTA(NCC) Teng Chai Chew of your interest by 24th March 10.

LTA(NCC) Teng Chai Chew
CO MSHS Barracudas

2010 NDP Parade Selection

Part C cadets who had indicated your interest to take part in NDP Parade selection are to note that there will be a second selection on 25th March 2010 (Thursday) from 1530 - 1730 at HQ(NCC) MPH. Attire is Number 4 uniform and you are to report to HQ(NCC) on your own, no transport will be catered.

For your information, CPL Peh Jun Kai had made it through the 1st selection last Friday.

For those who are thinking of taking part, please refer to the NCC Notice board for the proposed NDP Rehearsal Schedule.

For those who have yet to indicate your interest but would like to go for the selection on Thursday, please let LTA(NCC) Teng Chai Chew know of your interest latest by 24th March 10.

LTA(NCC) Teng Chai Chew
CO MSHS Barracudas

Basic Airborne Course for Part D cadets only

Part D cadets who are very fit and are good in your academic may apply for this airborne course which will be conducted from 3 Jun at 0730 to 25th Jun 1700. Please note that this period coincide with the Sec 4 June Holiday lessons which will run from 1st Jun till 11th June 10, which means you will have to miss the June Holiday lessons if you attend this course.

Please inform LTA(NCC) Teng Chai Chew by end of this week if you think you meet the criteria and had obtained the blessing from your parents to take part in this course.

LTA(NCC) Teng Chai Chew
CO MSHS Barracudas

Saturday, March 20, 2010

2 Star Kayaking Personal Skill Award (for Part B and some Part C) Impt Updates

Dear Cadets,

Due to the bad weather today, we had only covered the theory lesson.

Please take note of the following for tomorrow lesson (Sun - 21/3):

Meeting Place: Kallang MRT
Time: 10.00 am (Please do not be late)
Do remember to bring along some food (e.g. energy bar) for lunch.
The lesson will end approximately 6.00 pm.

If the lesson is cancelled due to bad weather, the instructor will inform me by around 8.30 am.
Thereafter, I will update the blog and inform SG Yan Zhao to start the relay system. Make-up lessons will be arranged at a later date.

Meanwhile, please have a good rest today and pray for good weather tomorrow.

LTA (NCC) Tan Hui Kuan

Thursday, March 18, 2010

NCC Water Ambassador Programme (Part As)

Part As who are selected for the above-mentioned programme, please take note:

Reporting Time: 8am sharp
Venue: Tanah Merah MRT
Dismissal Point: Tanah Merah MRT (1pm)
Attire: No 4 with beret
Materials: Pen and paper

Kindly note that lunch is NOT provided.

Thank you.

Mdm Wong

NCC Cross Word Puzzle

Dear Barracudas :

There is an opportunity for you to win $50 voucher if your entry is selected by the judges. Please refer to NCC Notice board for further details.

Good Luck.

LTA(NCC) Teng Chai Chew

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Part A Day-camp

To all Part A, please bring along the following items for the camp tomorrow:

1) $10 (Camp fund + name tags)
2) Fork and Spoon
3) PT-kit (reporting attire)
4) Extra dry clothing (change after kayaking)
5) Towel
6) Booties
7) plastic bag (put soil clothes in)
8) Sunscreen/Sunblock (optional)
9) Water bottle
10) Chocolate bars (for kayaking)
11) writing materials
12) Those who need to change their No.3, No.4 sizes, please bring your uniform so that we can conduct kit exchange for you.

All Part A are to report by 8.30a.m. There will be a 2-way transport to and fro school and Upper Selatar Sea Training Centre (USTC). All of you are expected to change into dry clothes at USTC before boarding the bus back to school.

*Note: Specialists who are going, only need to bring items 2 - 5, and report at 7.45a.m, latest by 8a.m.

2sgt Leo Ming Long

Monday, March 15, 2010

Personal Particulars

Just a small but important reminder to everyone, please refrain from posting your personal particulars or any private information on the tagboard as it is made public, so it can be seen by anyone. If misused by others, it will have undesirable effects on you. Therefore, to prevent that from happening, everyone is reminded once again NOT TO post ANY of your private information.

If you have anything important to say, please approach any seniors or teacher-in-charge. They will be more than willing to listen and provide assistance to you.

2sgt Leo Ming Long

Sunday, March 14, 2010

2 Star Kayaking Personal Skill Award (for Part B and some Part C)

This is gentle reminder for Part B and C cadets who are participating in the 2 Star Kayaking Course.

Please meet at Kallang MRT at 0800 this Sat (20th Mar).

Date / Time of Training
20th Mar 2010 (Sat) 0830-1700 hrs
21st Mar 2010 (Sun) 0830-1700 hrs
28th Mar 2010 (Sun) 1330-1800 hrs

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Upcoming Events for Part As

Dear Part As,

1) Please DO NOT disclose your personal particulars online, because this is a public blog and you need to protect your privacy.

2) There is NO NCC training on 12th Mar, Fri. But, I'll call for a 10-min briefing on 12th Mar, 12.15pm, outside NCC Room. Pay attention to the morning announcement for more details.

2) Kindly submit the Orange Consent Form to your fellow platoonmate Ryan.

3) Part A Day-Camp on 17th Mar, Wed

Time: 8.30am - 6.30pm (meeting and dismissal point is SCHOOL)

Venue: Report to school (morning) ; Upper Seletar Reservoir Kayaking Centre (afternoon)

Attire: Fall-in in PT kit + Bring along Kayaking attire + essentials


a) Cadets who need to change the size of their No. 3 and/or No. 4 uniforms, please BRING the uniform along. We'll let you do the exchange during the Day-Camp.

b) Bring a fork and spoon for field cooking

c) Bring along $(4+6) for NCC name tags + Part A Fund

4) NCC Water Ambassador Programme, 19th Mar

15 cadets have volunteered to be part of this programme. Attire is No. 4 Uniform. I'll update you the time and venue again.

Mdm Wong

Important information on IMOS course

Part C attending IMOS course on 15th and 16th March are to take note that you must reach Tanah Merah MRT by 7am, the shuttle bus to IMOS will leave at 7:15am sharp. If you are late, you must made your own way to IMOS.

However, it is strongly advice that you take the shuttle bus to IMOS as it will help in the in-processing.

Please take note of the following which you must adhere to :
1). A proper haircut
2). Dressed in smart Number 3 uniform
3). EZ-Link or IC for Identification
4). No camera handphone or image capturing device as security check is enforced.
5). Spec course manual (A must if not you will be out of course straight away).

Please take note that swapping of participants is strictly not allowed. If you are unable to make it, you must produce an Medical Certificate if not you are liable to pay a penalty of $100.

All the BEST for your course, please read up the course materials and powerpoint slides over the weekend.


Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Announcement for Part As

Dear Part As,

  1. We will be issuing the uniform tomorrow. Hence, it will be good for you to bring along a big bag to bring home your barang barang.

  2. Your Specialists have made the name tags for your No. 3 and No. 4 uniform. So, bring along $4.
Thank you.

Mdm Wong

Monday, March 08, 2010

Training on 10th March 2010

Wednesday: 10th March 2010
Reporting Venue: Company Command Post
Reporting Time: 2.15p.m
Attire: PT-kit
Duration of Training: 2.15 - 5.30p.m
*Those Part C's who will be going for AKE Selection, pls check the post below for more details. For those not involve in AKE, you have to come down for land training. Please remember to bring along your seamanship notes and ropes as there would be lecture.

Friday (12th March): CCA Stand down
* However 7 selected part B's and C's from each part, together with some Part D's, will be incharge of Road marshalling in school during the Parents-Teacher meeting.

2sgt Leo Ming Long

Sunday, March 07, 2010

AKE Selection on 10th March 10

Part C cadets please note that there will be an AKE selection on 10th March 10. Please submit the duly completed AKE application form to Staff Low Yee Seng by Monday 8th March 10.

All Part C who had passed their 1 Star Kayaking course and had not gone for AKE selection must attend unless you have any medical issue.

Date : 10th March 10
Dismissal from class : 1200
Fall in at front porch : 1230
Expected time of dismissal from MSHS : 1730

Briefing at HQ(NCC) for Part C Cadets

Part C cadets please note the following important briefing :

8th March - Briefing for IMOS Spec course at HQ(NCC) Theatrette at 1430 in school uniform. Cadets involved are :

Chew Rong Kang
Peh Jun Kai
Teo Yu Hao
Calvin Leong
Chan Kai Wen
Issac Er
Ho Yong Jia
Goh Jun Teck
Sean Soh
Yik Sin Kang
Lee Ming Han

9th March - Briefing for Mount Ophir at HQ(NCC) Thearette at 1500 in school uniform. Cadets involved are :

Sean Soh
Lee Ming Han
Daniel Chia
Ian Ng

11th March - Briefing for Survival Trg at HQ(NCC) Theatrette at 1500 in Number 4 uniform. Cadets involved are :

Teo Yu Hao
Goh Jun Teck
Issac Er
Yik Sin Kang
Calvin Leong

Attendence for the briefing is compulsory. Cadets who can't make it for the briefing must inform Mr Teng Chai Chew personally. Please do not bring camera handphone, macbook or image capturing device into the Amoy Quee camp. Cadets are to attend the briefing on their own, no transport will be provided.

Friday, March 05, 2010

1 Star Kayaking (2nd Lesson, 7th March 2010)

Dear Cadets,

The 2nd lesson for 1 Star Kayaking will be held on this Sunday, 7th March 2010.

Time: 12 noon sharp
Venue: Kallang MRT
Dismissal Time: 6pm~6.15pm

Please have a heavy lunch before you report to Kallang MRT Station.

Parents may wait for you in the car park, outside National Stadium.

You're allowed to wear sandals (with straps) and bring some light snacks.

Do look forward to an exciting lesson this Sunday!

Mdm Wong

Thursday, March 04, 2010

SMART Programme for Uniformed Groups

This course is conducted by the Singapore Maritime Academy(SMA) and is only opened to Part D's. It will be held on Wednesday, 24th March 2010(e-learning day), from est. 12p.m - 6p.m. The maximum number of cadets that can join is 40, so all Part D's are entitled to join. Those who are interested, kindly inform the S1's(admins) so that we can collate a list of names.

Points to note:

- All students will be required to sign an indemnity form provided by SMA (provided upon confirmation)
- It is recommended that students bring extra set of clothes and shoes as there will be sea activities.
- Students must wear covered shoes during sea activities.
* Sea activities will be subject to the tide report for the day.

There might be 2-way transport to and from school. More details will be given prior to the date.

2sgt Leo Ming Long

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Training on 3rd March 2010

Wednesday: 3rd March 2010
Reporting venue: Company Command Post
Reporting time: 2.15p.m
Attire: PT-kit
Training duration: 2.15 - 5.30p.m

Friday (5th March 2010) : Stand down (no training due to cross country)

*Part C's please bring along your Seamanship notes, writing materials, ropes for lecture on Wednesday.

2sgt Leo Ming Long

1 Star Kayaking Course (Lesson 1, 3rd March 2010)

Friendly Reminder for Cadets Attending 1 Star Kayaking Course, 3rd March:

1) Pack a mini bag pack (kindly refer to blog post on 2 star kayaking for packing list)
2) Have a full, proper lunch because you need the energy
3) Fall-in, Front Porch at 12.15pm sharp, in Barracudas Tee + PE Shorts
4) Early dismissal form will be issued to you on 3rd March (morning)

Do look forward to an exciting outdoor learning experience!

Mdm Wong
2nd Mar 2010