Sunday, February 28, 2010

2009 NCC BUC Results

Dear all MSHS NCC cadets (past and present) :

I am please to announce that the unit had once again clinched the BUC Gold award in the 2009 BUC competition. This is our 8th consecutive GOLD award since 2002.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our ex-Marist NCC cadets who continued to serve the unit after their graduation from MSHS.

All present Part B to D cadets, please take note that each and everyone of you contribute to the unit success. Please help me to thank your parents as well for the support that they have given to the unit by allowing you to attend HQ(NCC) events and competition, of which some of these events are near to the examination periods.

This year, we welcome 30 new Part A cadets to our BIG Family and i look forward to seeing every cadets, continuing to put in effort into training, participation in HQ(NCC) activities etc so that as a Unit, we will clinch the GOLD award again in 2010 BUC competition.


LTA(NCC) Teng Chai Chew
Commanding Officer MSHS NCC (SEA) Unit

Saturday, February 27, 2010

2 Star Kayaking Personal Skill Award (for Part B and some Part C)

Contact of Vendor:

Date / Time :

20th Mar 2010 (Sat) 0830-1700 hrs
21st Mar 2010 (Sun) 0830-1700 hrs
28th Mar 2010 (Sat) 1330-1800 hrs

Venue : Kallang Water Sports Centre

1. Develop a range of strokes and manoeuvres
2. Introduce rescue, paddling and rolling techniques
3. Tide reading

Pre -requisite: 1 star

Items to Bring:

Map to Kallang Water Sports Centre:

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CCA stand down for CA1

Due to the upcoming CA1 test for Sec1, 2 and 3, there will not be training on this Wednesday(24th February) and Friday(26th February), so as to allow all to concentrate on your studies.

However, those who are involve in the freestyle drill are to attend for training on Wednesday(24th).

2sgt Leo Ming Long

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Part C IMT on 23rd Feb 10

All Part C, please note that HQ(NCC) had allocated IMT for Part 'C' to MSHS on 23rd February 2010.

TIME: 1330HRS - 1700HRS
Time of release from class : 1210
Time of report at front porch : 1245
Time of release from school : 1800


All Part C cadets must attend this IMT. Cadets will be able to shoot SAR 21 IMT and marksmanship badge will be awarded to cadets who scored more than 20 out of 24 shots.

Sir Teng

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kayaking Training on 19th Feb 2010

Please note that all Part C cadets except those involved in Free Style Drill competition will attend the Kayaking training at Upper Seletar Training center on Friday 19th Feb 10.

Part D involved are Nobie, Teoh Yong, Ming Long, Marvin, Chester, Elston and Tommy and Samuel Pang.

The freestyle drill team members will stay in school for practice. Part C cadets who are excused from kayak training are to assist the Part D in school training.

For those going for kayaking,

Time of release from class : 1245
Time of report at front porch : 1315
Attire : Kayaking attire (please bring along water bottle and extra clothing to change)
Transport : 2 way
Expected time of release : 1745 at MSHS

Cadets are to put on Barracudas T-shirt during kayaking and change back to school uniform after finish kayaking.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Training on 17th Feb and 19th February 2010

Wednesday: 17th February 2010
Reporting Venue: Company Command Post
Reporting Time: 2.15pm
Attire: PT-Kit
Training Duration: 2.15pm-5.30pm

Friday: 19th February 2010
Reporting Venue: Company Command Post
Reporting Time: 2.15pm
Attire: No.4 and PT-Kit
Training Duration: 2.15pm-6.30pm

Note: For Part Bs
Part Bs will be going for the Basic Naval Trainer Event on 19th Feb, at Changi Naval Base
Reporting Venue: Company Command Post
Reporting Time: 12.30pm
Attire: No.4
Duration: 12.30pm-5.00pm

Note: For Part Cs
Part Cs will be going for the Sea Training on 19th Feb, at Upper Seletar Sea Training Centre
Reporting Venue: Company Command Post
Reporting Time: 1.10pm
Attire: PT-Kit
Duration: 1.10pm-5.45pm

2SG Goh Jun Cong

Thursday, February 11, 2010

To All Pt As going for kayaking course

You will have to buy a pair of booties.
It looks something like these:
Taken from "", Google
Taken from "", Google

(Note: These are only variations)
2SG Goh Jun Cong

NE Gaming matters

Cadets who had been selected to represent the unit in the NE gaming competition are to take note that due to overwhelming response, all the slots had been taken up. As such, we were not able to take part in this competition.

However, all cadets especially the Part B and C are to take note that there will be 2 Star Kayaking course on 20th,21st and 27th March for cadets who have yet to have 2 Star certification.

Also, there will be Sea Spec course for Part C during March holidays. So do take note and let your parents aware of your schedule.

Sir Teng

Wishing All a Happy New Year

On behalf of all teacher officers, I would like to wish all cadets, both past and present, a Happy Tiger Year.

May the unit stay united and progress together both in CCA achievements and academic results.

The unit next training shall be on 17th Feb 10.


Sir Teng

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Training on 10th Feb

Please note that there will be school training on 10th Feb.

Time to fall in : 1415
Time of dismissal : 1730
Attire : PT Kit with Barracudas T-shirt

There will not be any NCC training on 12th Feb.

Sir Teng

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Sea Proficiency Test for Part A (2009)

The results of the Sea Proficiency Test for Part A had been released. Cadets who has passed the test and scored a score of above 30 will be awarded the Bronze badge. Congratulation.

Cadets who did not manage to obtain the badge are to work harder to try to obtain the Silver badge by passing the Part B Sea Proficiency Test in Nov this year. Cadets who were awarded the Bronze badge are also required to take the Part B Sea Proficiency Test in Nov to be eligible for the Silver Badge.

As a cadet of Barracudas, we strive not to fail. However, even if we fail, we must be strong, pick ourself up and work towards success. As long as your persevere, success is within reach.

Please note that All 31 Part B cadets are eligible for promotion to LCP rank by the end of Feb 10 subject to your attendence at training.

Sir Teng

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Mount Ophir Adventure Programme

HQ(NCC) is organising the Mount Ophir Trip for Part C cadets from 17 - 19 March 10. Only 18 vacancy are available for the Sea District.

Part C cadets who are interested please register your interest with Sir Teng. As the trip is physically demanding, interested cadets must at least pass their Sec 2 Napfa Test before they can be considered.

Cadets who have applied for MSTD but was unsuccessful are strongly encouraged to apply for this Mount Ophir Trip.

Sir Teng

Monday, February 01, 2010

Training on 3rd and 5th February 2010

Wednesday: 3rd February 2010

Reporting Venue: Comapany Command post
Reporting time (Fall-in): 2.15p.m
Attire: PT-kit
Training time: 2.15 - 5.30p.m

Friday: 5th February 2010

Reporting Venue: Company Command Post
Reporting time: 2.15p.m
Attire: No.4 uniform and PT-kit
Training time: 2.15 - 6.20p.m

*Part C's please note that all of you have to bring your seamanship proficiency test notes on Friday for lecture.

*Part A's please note that the PT-kit will be barracudas ncc shirt and PE-shorts. If you have not receive the barracudas shirt yet, wear your marist singlet instead.

2sgt Leo Ming Long