Thursday, November 12, 2009

NCC 3rd Freestyle Exhibition Drill Course

Please be informed that the following Part B cadets had been selected to attend Freestyle Drill course from 23 to 26th Nov 09 at HQ(NCC) Campus. They are

1). LCP Lee Ming Han
2). LCP Tan Jia Hao

Ming Han and Jia Hao, please remember to attend a pre course briefing on 17 Nov 09, 1530 hr at the NCC Campus, Multi Purpose Hall. The attire for the briefing is either school uniform or No.4 uniform.

Please be reminded that you are not allow to bring camera phone or any form of image capturing devices to the camp.

All the BEST for the course.

Best Wishes

Sir Teng

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Part C Shooting Competition on 17th Nov 09

Part C cadets who had been selected for the shooting competition please see details under comments.

Part C Survival Training @ Ubin 25-26 Nov

Selected Part C cadets please see under comments for more details.

Part B IMT Shooting Competition on 13 Nov 09

Part B shooting competitors please see under comments for further instruction.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sea Proficiency Test on 5th Nov 09

Date : 5th Nov 09
Time of reporting : 0815 @ school front porch
Duration of Test : 0900 to 1030
Attire : Number 3 uniform
Transport : 1 way from MSHS to KSTC
Things to bring : Writing material, ropes for practice and EZ-Link card

Part A, Part B and CPL Elston, this Sea Proficicncy test is a chance for you to earn BUC points for the unit and also for you to earn the Proficiency Badge. Cadets who passed this test will be automatically promoted to the next higher rank in 2010. Cadets who did not attend the test or fail the test will only be promoted subjected to HQ(NCC) approval.

Therefore, i urged all of you to study well for the test and bring glory to yourself and the unit.

All the Best

Sir Teng

Part A Park and Beach Cleaning

Date : 2nd Nov 09
Time of activity : 2pm to 5pm
Reporting time : 1.30pm at the front porch
Attire : Camp Feast T-shirt / House T-Shirt and PE shorts
Transport : 2 way transport from MSHS to Upper Seletar Reservoir
Expected dismissal time : 173o @ MSHS

Part A cadets, this is a chance for you to do something for the unit. By participating in this event, you will earn BUC points for the unit.