Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Training on 30th October (Friday)

Attire: School Uniform
Reporting Venue: Company command post
Time: 10.45a.m - 1p.m

*Training is compulsory for all parts(Part A, B and C)

Things to bring*(Only for Part A and B):
-writing materials, stationery
-proficiency notes

3SG Leo Ming Long

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Challenge Quest 2009 - 27th Oct 09

The following cadets will be representing the unit at this year Challenge Quest :

1). SGT Leroy (3J)
2). SGT Alvin (3L)
3). LCP Ho Yong Jia (2G)
4). PTE Soh Yew Wei (1C)

Date : 27th Oct 09
Time : 1245 - 1800
Venue : HQ (NCC)
Release from class : 1200
Time to report at front porch : 1225
Transport : 1 way from MSHS to HQ(NCC)
Attire : Number 4 uniform (bring along a water bottle)

Cadets involved please take your lunch between 1200-1225. You are also required to bring along your EZ-Link pass or NRIC for registration. Please do not bring camera phone or any form of image capturing device to the camp. Sec 1 and 2 cadets involve please do not bring Macbook to school on the day.

All the BEST guys !!!

Sir Teng

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shooting Training on 23 Oct for Shooting competitors

Date : 23rd Oct 09 from 1000 - 1330
Time to fall in : 0950 at the front porch
Transport : To and fro
Attire : Number 4 uniform
Expected time of release : 1330 @ MSHS

Cadets may wear No 4. uniform to school.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Training for 21 Oct 09

Attire: PT-Kit
Venue: Company Command Post
Time: 2.15pm-5.30pm
Please remember to bring your prof test notes as well as the ropes
Note: There is no training this Friday
(Sorry for the late post)
3SG Goh Jun Cong

Monday, October 19, 2009

Uncollected AUC camp forms

Part A:
-Ervine Cheong
-Damien Jacob

Part B:
-Tan Jing Ren
-Brandon Tan
-Daniel Chia
-Tan Jia Hao

*Kindly pass the forms to 3SG Goh Jun Cong on the next training. Thanks.

3SG Leo Ming Long

Friday, October 16, 2009

Train Fire for Part A on 20th Oct 09

Part A cadets, please note that there will be a Trainfire on 20th October 2009


Fall In :  1235 at the front porch


TIME: 1315HRS - 1730 HRS

Fall out : 1800 hrs at MSHS, two way transport provided.

All cadets are to bring their EZ-LINK CARDS in order to draw rifles from the armoury. Attendance is compulsory. This is a chance for you to have a feel of the real M16 weapon and equip yourself with the necessary knowledge on M16 weapon for the Sea Proficiency Test.



Do not bring Macbook to school on 20th Oct 09.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Details for NCC Annual Unit Camp (16th-17th October)

Reporting Time: 2.15p.m (Friday, 16th october)

Reporting venue: Company command post

Reporting Attire: Full No.4 Uniform with beret

End Time: 5p.m (Saturday, 17th October)

*For the packing list, please refer to the back of letter that has been issued by Sir Teng. Please remember to bring you undergarments, toiletries and sleeping bag especially. Everyone is allowed to wear their No.4 uniform to school.

For Part A and B, bring along your proficiency notes and writing materials for the camp. All of you are reminded to study your proficiency notes before the camp, as there will be a test during the camp.

3SG Leo Ming Long

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Training on 14th october

14-10-2009 (wednesday)

Time: 2.15 - 5.30p.m
Reporting venue: Company Command Post
Attire: PT-kit

3SG Leo Ming Long

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Challenge Quest on 27th Oct 09

The following cadets had been selected to represent the unit for Challenge Quest 2009. They are :

3rd SGT Leroy Choo
3rd SGT Alvin Tay
LCP Ho Yong Jia
PTE Soh Yew Wei 

Date : 27th Oct 09 from 1200 to 1730 

They were selected based on their NAPFA Results in 2009. We wish them all the Best in the competition.

Sir Teng

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Shooting Training on 9th Oct for Shooting competitors

Date : 9th Oct 09
Time to fall in : 13 15  at the front porch
Transport : To and fro 
Attire : Number 4 uniform
Expected time of release : 16 45 @ MSHS
Things to bring : Parent consent form for the shooting course if you have not handed in

Cadets may wear uniform to school if they want to stay back in school after their examination tomorrow. Alternatively, cadets may go home after their papers but report back to school by 
13 15.   

IMT Training for Shooting Competitiors

The following cadets have been selected for the IMT training and thereafter represent the unit in the Annual Shooting competition to be held on 13th Nov, 17th - 19th Nov.

Part A
Cho Yen Wee
Edward Teow
Randy Ng
Shawn Lee Jia Jun 
Lee Chong Jie

Part B
LCP Randal Lim Yi Jie
LCP Teo Yu Hao
LCP Kenko Tan
LCP Eugene Gwan
LCP Ian Ng

Part C
SSG Nobie Tan
2SG Tan Jun Jie
2SG Chester
3SG Tan Yan Zhao
3SG Marvin

We wish them all the best in the training and the upcoming competition.

Monday, October 05, 2009

NCC Activities for Oct - Nov 09

The following are the training after SA2.

School training : 14th Oct and 21st Oct 

Annual Unit Camp in School - 16th Oct till 17th Oct 09

Sea Proficiency Test for Part A, B and selected Part C  - 5th Nov 09  

Competition for selected cadets :

(1). Orienteering Competition at HQ(NCC) for selected Part B  (22nd Oct)
(2). Challenge Quest at HQ(NCC) for selected cadets   (27th Oct)
(3). Shooting competition for selected cadets (13th Nov and 18th Nov)

All Part A and B cadets are reminded that you are required to attend the Sea Proficiency Test at Kallang Sea Training Center on 5th Nov 09 to qualify for the Sea Proficiency badge. As such, please do not plan any oversea trip before 5th Nov 09. Cadets who are involved in competition are also reminded that they should not plan for any oversea trip during the duration of the competition.


IMT Specialised Training at Safra Yishun

This year, the unit is again engaging external trainer to train the Shooting competitors at Safra Yishun. The training dates are as follows :

9th Oct   (Fri)         1400 - 1600
14th Oct (Wed)       1030-1230
23th Oct (Fri)         1030 - 1230
28th Oct (Wed)     1030 - 1230

Selected Part A,B and C cadets will be informed by this week and they will be issued with a consent form for parent signature.

Please note that the IMT competition will be held on 13th Nov for Part A/B and 18th Nov for Part C. Prize presentation ceremony will be held on 19th Nov for winners.