Monday, August 31, 2009

AOH Ambassador Briefing

The 6 Part C AOH ambassador please read the comments for details of an important briefing on 2nd Sep 09.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Training Attendence on 28th August 09

Part A cadets who were present in school on Friday 28th August 09 but did not turn up for NCC training are to see Mdm Toh at the school front porch immediately after the morning assembly on 31st August to explain for your absence.

Part A Platoon sergeant are to be present as well.

By Order
Sir Teng

Friday, August 28, 2009

Reminder for Part C's

All Part C's pls take note that you are reminded to bring your NO.4(with headgear) to school next Thursday so as to take the place of any part B who did not turn up on that day. Also, approximately 10 part C will be needed to go for the army open house too(apart from the few selected part C's). This message is instructed by Sir Teng.

3SG Leo Ming Long

Army Open House 3 Sept 09 (Thur)

This activity is for all Part B and Selected Part Cs.

The AOH aims to highlight the 3G army as a Full Spectrum Force and to provide cadets with a comprehensive understanding of the army.


Date: 3rd Sept 2009 (THUR)
Location: Pasir Laba Camp
Reporting time: 1.20 pm
Report at Maris Stella High School (Front Porch) at 1.20pm
(Bus will leave HQ NCC for at 1.30 pm)
Reporting attire: No. 4 Uniform with Head Dress
Dismissal Time: 6.30 pm from MARIS STELLA HIGH


All cadets are reminded that CAMERA HANDPHONES, cameras, lap-tops, MACBOOK and PDAs are not permitted in the army camp due to security reasons.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Training On 28th August 2009

Venue:Fall in at the basketball court
Attire:No.4(Remember to bring PT-kit too)
(Sorry for the late post)

3SGT Goh Jun Cong

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Strictly no Camera Phones in HQ(NCC)

All cadets are to take note that recently there have been cases of NCC cadets who bring in camera phone to the camp and was caught for not declaring at the guard house. The cadets who were caught was not only barred from entering the camp for a period of 3 months but their NCC unit was also penalised in the process (deduction of points in BUC competition).

As such, this notice serve as a reminder and instruction to all MSHS NCC cadets that you must not bring any camera handphone, image capturing device or Macbook to HQ(NCC).

By Order
Commanding Officer MSHS NCC (Sea)

Kit Exchange (tmr)

All Part C's are to go and help out at the Kit Exchange tmr(except for those Sec 2 camp helpers). For those Sec 2 camp helpers, and Part B's involve in the sec 2 camp, if any of you need kit exchange, pls kindly pass you stuffs to your own platoon mates to help you change.
As for Part A's and B's, only those who need kit exchange shall turn up, the rest who do not need kit exchange do not have come. There will not be training tmr, ONLY kit exchange.

Reporting time: 2.20p.m(latest)at front porch (bus will leave at 2.30p.m)
Dismissal time: unsure, depending on situation
Dismissal will be from HQ NCC.

3SG Leo Ming Long

Kit Exchange for Whole Company

All cadets, please note that there will be a Kit Exchange on Wednesday

Date : 26th August 09
Venue : HQ(NCC) Logistic Department
Time to fall in : 2.20 pm at the front porch
Attire : School uniform
Transport : 1 way from MSHS to HQ(NCC)

Cadets who has problem with his uniform are strongly encouraged to do the kit exchange tomorrow. Please note that the kit exchange is a 1 to 1 exchange of the items and make sure it is clean condition.

For those who can't make it for the kit exchange tomorrow, please request your fellow platoon mates to help you exchange the uniform. Please note that each cadet are allow to exchange a maximum of 1 set of every item tomorrow.

Cadets going for the kit exchange tomorrow must not bring camera phones or any image capturing devices to the camp. Part A and Part B cadets are not allow to bring their Macbook to the camp.

School training will resume on Friday 28th August 09.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Army Open House Visit on 3rd Sep 09

There will be an army open house visit for NCC cadets on 3rd Sep 09. Our unit had been allocated 40 vacancy. As such, all Part B and C cadets (minus the AOH ambassador) will attend the visit.

Date : 3rd Sep 09
Time : 1430-1830
Transport : To and fro
Attire : Number 4 uniform with headdress


Part A Western Battle Trail on 3rd Sep 09

Part A cadets, please note that there will be a Western Battle Trail visit on :

Date : 3rd Sep 09 (Thu)
Time : 1330 - 1730
Fall in : 1245 @ front porch
Attire : Number 4 pants and boots with respective House T-Shirt
Dismissal : 1830 @ MSHS
Cadets are to wear number 4 uniform (with boots) to school but change to Number 4 pants and boots with House T-shirt for the trail.

All Part A cadets must attend as this visit is a component for Total Defence badge.

Cadets who cannot make it for this training for whatever reason must see Mdm Toh at the school front porch on 25th August during the lower sec recess time.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Army open house Ambassadors

There will be a a training session for those Part C Army open house Ambassadors on the 22nd August 2009, this Saturday, from 9a.m - 12p.m. The attire for that day will be NO.3. Pls check under the comments for the names of those Part C's who are going.

3SG Leo Ming Long

CCA Stand down

There will not be any training this Friday 21st August for All Parts(A, B and C). Pls check the blog occasionally for more updates about nxt week's training.

3SG Leo Ming Long

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Activities on 19th August 09

There will not be NCC training on 19th August 09 in view of the impending Common test 2.

Please read details on this post under comment.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Attire for Sea Com

All Part A, B and C are to bring their PT-kit tmr and change into it before fall-in.

For PT-kit:
Part-A--marist singlet and PE shorts
Part B and C-- barracudas T-shirt and PE shorts

Everyone pls spread this message among your own platoon mates!!

3SG Leo Ming Long

Sea Comp 2009 (17/8/09)

All Sec 1 to Sec 3 cadets non-competitors are to be the supporters for the SEA COMP.

Venue:Upper Seletar Sea Training Centre
Dismissed from class at 11.35 pm
Fall-in:Front-Porch at 12.00 pm (Bus will leave at 12.10 pm)
Attire:School Uniform

It is a 2 way transport. Estimated Dismissal Time from school is about 5.30 pm.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


The following are the selected cadets for Sea Comp 2009

Part A Singles
Edward (Best Timing:2.14 s)
Nathaniel (R) (Best Timing:NA)

Part A Doubles
Shervin & Yew Wei (Best Timing:1.36 s)
Randy & Benjamin(R) (Best Timing:1.39s)

Part B Singles
Randal (Best Timing:1.56 s)
Jia Hao (R) (Best Timing:1.59s)

Part B Doubles
Sean & Calvin (Best Timing:1.35 s)
Yu Hao & Ming Han (R) (Best Timing:1.42s)

Part C Singles
Leroy (Best Timing:1.49 s)
Marvin (R) (Best Timing:2.01s)

Part B Doubles
Nigel & Darren (Best Timing:1.27 s)
Nobie & Marvin(R) (Best Timing:1.34s)

Let us all wish them all the best for the Sea Comp on next Mon.
Go with the Marist Spirit!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Training Activites from 12-14 August 2009

12th August:Stand-down

13th August:Selected Pt As,Bs and Cs cadets for Sea Competition have sea training at USTC
Pls bring your kayaking equipments(if any) and things you will need( etc)

14th August:Stand-down(except for Pt Cs as there is IMT)
Venue:Nee Soon Camp

3SGT Goh Jun Cong

Friday, August 07, 2009

Part C Cadets:Sec 2 Camp Helpers From 26 – 28 Aug

The school needs the help of 10 Sec 3 NCC Cadets who are 10 NCC 2 star kayak qualified for the upcoming Sec 2 Camp from 26 to 28 Aug.

Cadets will most likely be staying over the 3 days with the classes.

They will be awarded 20 hours of CIP for their services rendered to the school.

Please sign up with CSM by 12 Aug (Wed)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Part C:MT OPHIR ADVENTURE PROGRAMME (FRAMES No 1 to No 4 from 6 to 11 Sep 09)

NCC HQ is organising Mt Ophir Adventure Programme for selected Part C cadets.

It is also part of the incentive programme to reward deserving cadets, who have been outstanding in training.

The purpose of the training is to provide them with interesting, challenging, educational,
enjoyable and adventurous activities.

It is also to expose cadets to the new environment
and terrain in the natural surroundings.

Cadets who are interested please get the application form from Nobie.
Hand in the form by next Wed 12th Aug 09 to Sir Tan at 3G Classroom before Morning Assembly.
(Any late applications will not be accepted)

Training for Army Open House Ambassador on 22nd Aug 09 (Sat)

There will be a training session for The Army Open House Ambassadors on 22 August 2009 (Sat)

Time: 9.00 am to 12.00pm

Attire: No. 3 uniform

Reporting Time: 8.30 am at the HQ NCC Theatrette

Refer to Comments to List of Cadets Involved.

Bends and Hitches Competition 6th Aug 09 (Thursday)

Date: 6th August 09 (Thursday)

Venue: Kallang Sea Training Centre

Time: Dismiss from class at 12.10 pm.
Fall in at the front porch at 12.30pm, bus will leave at 12.45pm

Reporting Attire: School Uniform

Things to Bring:
1. bring water bottle
2. thermometer
3. EzLink for Identification

Dismissal time: 4.00 pm at Kallang Sea Training Centre

List of Competitors

Part As

Part Bs

Part Cs
Goh Jun Cong
Chester Tan
Teoh Yong

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Training on 5 August (Wednesday)

Time: 2.15pm to 6.30pm
Fall in:
Part As-Outside log room
Part Bs-In the basketball court
Part Cs-In the basketball court
Attire: PT-Kit
During this training, all BnH participants will revise for the upcoming BnH competition
They are:
Part As-Lee Chong Jie
Joseph Say Gui Chang
Ng Jing Rong
Chio Yen Wee
Part Bs-Chan Yuk Chi
Randal Lim
Chew Rong Kang
Andrew Oh
Kenko Tan
Part Cs-Goh Jun Cong
Chester Tan
Teoh Yong
Pls remember to bring your own ropes and BnH notes
3SG Goh Jun Cong

Sea Training on 7th August 09

This tranining is for selected Part A, B and C cadets only. Please refer to comments to get detail of the name of the cadets involved.

Date : 7th August 09 (Friday)
Venue : Kallang Sea Training Centre
Time : Fall in at the front porch at 12.30pm, bus will leave at 12.45pm

Reporting Attire : Kayaking attire with bootie

Things to Bring:

1. bring water bottle

2. thermometer

3. a dry set of clothing for change after training.

Dismissal time : 5.30 pm at Kallang Sea Training Centre

See Comments for the List of Cadets Going.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sea Training on 3rd August 09

This tranining is for selected Part A, B and C cadets only. Please refer to comments to get detail of the name of the cadets involved.

Date : 3rd August 09 (MOnday)
Venue : Upper Seletar Training Center
Time : Fall in at the front porch at 2.10pm, bus will leave at 2.15pm

Reporting Atttire : Kayaking attire with bootie, please bring water bottle, thermometer, and a dry set of clothing for change after training.

Dismissal time : 1800 hr at Maris Stella