Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shortlisted Part B cadets for NCC Competition

Training on 31st July(Friday)

All Part A, B and C are to fall-in in full No.4 attire and bring along your PT-kit for tomorrow’s training. Everyone is expected to fall-in outside Log-room by 2.15p.m and the training will end at 6.30 p.m.

Part A: Out of the 21 people who were present on 24th July(last friday) 17 of you will be going for the sea training while the other 4 selected Bend and Hitches(Lee Chong Jie, Joseph Say Gui Chang, Ng Jing Rong, Chio Yen Wee) are to turn up for normal training in school. The other 14 who were absent on 24th July are to turn up for normal training too.

Note: This does not apply to those who are going for sea training tmr.

3SG Leo Ming Long

Sea Training on 31st July 09

Please see under comments on whether you are involved in this training.

Time release from class : 1220
Time fall in at front porch : 1255
Transport : 2 way to and fro to Upper Seletar Training Center
Attire : Wear school uniform to school then change to PE attire between 1220-1255
Things to bring : Booties or covered shoes to go into water, suntan lotion, thermometer, attire to change into after the kayak training.

If possible, do not bring Macbook to school tomorrow if your lesson do not require to.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Part D's POP(29-7-2009)

Time for all Part D's to fall-in is at 4.45p.m while part A , B and C fall-in as usual at 2.15p.m. Attire for all Part D's is full No. 3 uniform and the venue to fall-in is outside Log room.

3SG Leo Ming Long

Training On 29th July (Wednesday)

Time: 2.15pm-6.30pm
Attire: No.3 and PT Kit
Venue: Fall in outside Log room

*Note: For this training, we will be having POP.

Reminder: Please bring water bottle and BERET

3SG Goh Jun Cong

Saturday, July 25, 2009

NCC Training Resume

Please check under comments for details of schedule of events for the next 4 weeks.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Training on 24th July(Friday)

Time: 2.15-5.30p.m

Venue: fall-in outside log room

Attire: No.4 and pt-kit

*extra things to bring: writing materials and thermometer

Reminder: Everyone must bring along a waterbottle for every training

3SG Leo Ming Long