Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Training on 28 Mar,Fri

Attire:No.4 Part As: PT Kit
Things to Bring:
PT Kit (Barracudas Tee)
Water Bottle

3SG Samual Shing

Monday, March 24, 2008


This is for the Part As
Date:9 APR 08(Wed)
Time:1400 - 1700
Location:Tuas Naval Base
All Part As will be dismissed from class at 1215
Meet at Front Porch at 1230.
Camera phones and cameras ARE NOT allowed into the base.
Bags are subjected to security check at the guardhouse.
Two-way bus transport to and from school is provided.
More details will be given on how to wear the uniforms.

3SG Samual Shing

Thursday, March 20, 2008

ISCEP (Out Bound) for Part C

This event is for Part Cs ONLY.
3 x ISCEP (Out-bound) 2008 will be held from 29 Jun to 14 Aug 2008. The primary objective of this annual exchange of sea cadets between sea organizations of the participating countries is to foster international understanding, goodwill and friendship among youths who have an interest in seamanship.

Host Country

Period of Hosting


29 Jun 08 to 9 Jul 08


3 Aug 08 to 14 Aug 08

Hong Kong

3 Aug 08 to 11 Aug 08

This event is strongly encouraged for Part Cs.
Any interested Part C's are to go and see Mdm Toh personally.

2SG Timothy Syn

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


The minimum age requirement for the competition is 15yrs old as of 19th April 2008.
The fee per competitor per race (Kayak / Dragon Boat) is
a. $6.00 for non Passion card holder
b. $5.00 for Passion or Passion Water-Venture card holder
The closing date for registration will be on the 7th April 2008.
Any interested cadets, please find me at 4B classroom before morning assembly to get the forms and the rules and regulations.

2SG Timothy Syn

Monday, March 17, 2008

No Training on 21 Mar

This notice is for all parts.
Please note that there will be No Training on 21 Mar due to Good Friday.
Please take note!!!

3SG Samual Shing

Saturday, March 08, 2008

2 Star Kayaking Retest for Part C Cadets - Confirmed

This notice is for the Part C's who have to take their 2 star kayaking retest.

Please note that the 2 Star Kayaking Re-Test for the
following Part C cadets at Pasir Ris Water Venture Center
is confirmed on the Tuesday 11th March 08. They
are :

Wilfred Tan Wei Yong

Nicholas Koh Jun Kai

Ren Yang

Wong Zhen Yang

Terrence Choo Han Siong

Eugene Wong Jun Hoi

Ong Wei Don

Jonathan Tan Wei Xiang

Please note that this is the last chance for the cadets to pass the test and cadets who failed to turn up for the retest on 11th March 08 for whatever reason will be deemed to have failed the course.

Please bring along EZ-Link pass and some money to loan out the kayak for one hour of practice before the actual re-test.
Good luck to all the 8 of you.

From : Sir Teng

3SG Stephan

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Kit Exchange

This notice is for all Part C's

This Friday, there will be a kit exchange for NO.3 uniform ONLY.
All those who require exchanging of uniform/uniform detail(eg.boots, beret) are to turn up after school at the log room.

Priority is given to those part C's going for Sea Specialist Course.

3SG Stephan

Part B Camp Feast,July 8 and 9

This is for the Part Bs
Camp Feast will held on July 8,9
Please keep these dates free.

3SG Samual Shing

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Cancellation of Training on 7 Mar (Fri)

This Notice is for all parts.
Please Note that the training on the 7/3/2008, Friday, is cancelled, due to Part A Camp.

3SG Samual Shing

Monday, March 03, 2008


This is only for the Part Bs
Date:19 Mar 08(Wed)
Location:IMOS,RSS Panglima
All Part Bs will be dismissed at 1320 for their lunch
Bus will be leaving at 1400
Part Bs are reminded to be properly attired in NCC No.4 uniform
Camera phones and cameras ARE NOT allowed into the base.
Bags are subjected to security check at the guardhouse

3SG Samual Shing

Part B Trainfire on 6 Mar (Thur)

Part B Trainfire session on 6 Mar (Thur) at HQ NCC MPH
Report in sch in No.4
All Part Bs will be dismissed at 1200 for their lunch
Bus will be leaving at 1240
Please bring along eZ-Link cards or Student Passes(IMPORTANT!!!)

3SG Samual Shing

Regarding Part Cs and Ds going Part A Camp

Those part Cs and Ds who are going for the part A camp,please pass $5.00 to Shi Hao regarding the meals for part A camp,please pass to him ASAP.

3SG Samual Shing