Friday, January 04, 2008

Meeting for Lecturers

This Notice Is for the Part D's

Those Part D's who conducted Lectures for Parts A and B for the Sea Proficiency Test last year, there will be a meeting being held on Monday, 7th of January after Afternoon Assembly at The Log Room, commissoned by SSG Kua Jing Han

This Meeting is very important, Please turn up if your name is below. If you cannot make it for the meeting, please contact Jing Han. (edit: If you have conducted lectures but your name is not below, please turn up as well - SSG Kua Jing Han)

Those that are required to turn up are

Part A Lecturers:
SSG Aaron Choo
3SG Frederick Tong

Part B Lecturers:

3SG Alfred Neo
3SG Charles Tomas
SSG Kua Jing Han
2SG Matthew Tan
3SG Ray Lim

SSG Nicholas Koh
SSG Nicholas Liaw
CPL Benjamin Chua
SSG Joel Tan

3SG Stephan

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