Sunday, October 21, 2007

2 Star Kayaking Course – Latest Update

All Part B cadets please take note that the 2 star kayaking course is now been rescheduled to the following dates.
Day 1 - 17th Nov (Sat)
Day 2 - 24th Nov (Sat)
Day 3 - 25th Nov (Sun)
instead of the original 11th, 18th and 25th Nov as mentioned to you this morning.
All part B cadets who could make it for the revised dates are to hand in the application form and make payment for the course on coming Tuesday 23rd Oct to Sir Teng.
Course Fees
1). 2 Star course w/o water venture membership ($65)
2). 2 Star course plus application of 3 years water venture membership ($88)
3). 2 Star course with valid water venture membership ($50)
Payment shall be made by cash or cheque. Student who wish to pay by cheque are to inform their parents to cross the cheque and made payable to “People’s Association Water- Venture”.
In view of the change in date for the course, all Part B cadets are to assemble at the study area at 1200 on 23rd Oct to meet Sir Teng for a short briefing.
By 2LT(NCC) Teng

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