Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Training on 31st October

31st October
Report in FULL school uniform
fall-in: 1300hrs in front of log room
colours: 1320hrs
dismissal: 1630hrs

Bring your writing materials and lecture notes.
There will be no PT.
ALL parts are required to attend the training

This will be an important training as we will reveal many hints regarding prof test.

SSG Kua Jing Han

Friday, October 26, 2007

RE: Kayaking Certs

This is message is for all Part B and Part C.

To part B:
Photocopy your 1 star kayaking cert and write the serial number behind it. Give it to 3SG Alfred at the canteen on Monday between 1040h-1120h. You are expected to come to school and hand it in .

To Part C:
Photocopy both your 1 star kayaking and 2 star kayaking certs and write the serial number behind it. Give it to 3SG Charles by Monday.

2SG Timothy Syn

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

UPDATED:Training on 26th October

26th October
Report in no.3 (not the camo uniform in case you all forgot)
fall-in: 1300hrs at the front porch
colours: 1320hrs
dismissal: 1700hrs

Bring your writing materials and lecture notes as well as PT kit

all cadets are expected to have a heavier recess so that they need not have lunch.
ALL parts are required to attend the training

SSG Kua Jing Han

Sunday, October 21, 2007

2 Star Kayaking Course – Latest Update

All Part B cadets please take note that the 2 star kayaking course is now been rescheduled to the following dates.
Day 1 - 17th Nov (Sat)
Day 2 - 24th Nov (Sat)
Day 3 - 25th Nov (Sun)
instead of the original 11th, 18th and 25th Nov as mentioned to you this morning.
All part B cadets who could make it for the revised dates are to hand in the application form and make payment for the course on coming Tuesday 23rd Oct to Sir Teng.
Course Fees
1). 2 Star course w/o water venture membership ($65)
2). 2 Star course plus application of 3 years water venture membership ($88)
3). 2 Star course with valid water venture membership ($50)
Payment shall be made by cash or cheque. Student who wish to pay by cheque are to inform their parents to cross the cheque and made payable to “People’s Association Water- Venture”.
In view of the change in date for the course, all Part B cadets are to assemble at the study area at 1200 on 23rd Oct to meet Sir Teng for a short briefing.
By 2LT(NCC) Teng

Friday, October 19, 2007

Orienteering Training on 20th October 2007

These are a list of things required for Saturday's Orienteering training

  • Writing Stationery
  • A Clipboard
  • Water Bottle(At Least 500ml)
  • Whistle(Optional)
  • Compass(Optional)
  • Cap(Optional)

As for Dismissal Time, It should end by around 1 pm.

There will be no lunch provided, so please get your own lunches.

3rdSGT Stephan

Thursday, October 18, 2007

RE: Training on 19 Oct

There will be NO training this Friday, 19 Oct except for those selected for the shooting competition.

2SG Timothy Syn

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Orienteering for whole company

Date: 20 Oct, Sat
Venue: Pasir Ris Park
Time: 0730h
Attire: PT Kit
The whole company will be involved in this orienteering event.
There will be no consent forms so please tell your parents about this event.
Cadets who do not turn up are required to produce a parent's letter.
Fall-in at Pasir Ris MRT at 0730h. Do NOT be late.
Lunch will not be provided.

2SG Timothy Syn

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Packing List for AUC

Packing list:
1) No.4 Uniform x1
2) PT Kit x2
3) Home clothes/pajamas x1
4) Underwear x3
5) Towel
6) Soap and toiletries
7) Toothbrush
8) Track shoes
9) 1.5L water bottle
10) Pencil case (writing materials)
11) Writing paper
12) Sleeping bag
13) Insect repellent
14) Personal medication (if required)

Please do not bring any electronic devices, snacks or food to the camp.

2SG Timothy Syn

Orienteering Team

This is the finalized list for the orienteering team.
They are:
Feldman Lim 2B
Jonathan Tan 2C
Lim Kai En 2E
Sean Lim 2I
Goh Kia Kiat 2E (Reserve)

The date of the orienteering competition is 24th Oct.

2SG Timothy Syn

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Meeting @ 11 OCT

Date: 11Oct, Thursday
Time: 1400h
Venue: Outside Log Room
Details: This meeting is about the details on the Annual Unit Camp (AUC) and LTC (for part c only). Attendance is compulsory. Please spread this information as much as you can.

2SG Timothy Syn

Friday, October 05, 2007

Proficiency Test

Date: 2 Nov, Fri
Venue: Kallang Sea Training Centre
Attire: No.3 with beret
Time: 1530h-1800h

Bring along your EZ-Link card for identification purposes. (NEW)
Attendance is compulsory.

2SG Timothy Syn