Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Training on Wednesday,29th August

There will be training on Wednesday,it will be separated into land and sea.
Sea comp competitors are going for land(typo,should be SEA),B&H team and non-competitors are going for land.

For Sea

Venue:Sembawang Sea Training Centre(SSTC)
Things to Bring:
1)Wet PT Kit
2)Booties or Full footwear
3)Sanitary Necessities (Towel, Shampoo etc)
Other Details will be posted soon......

For Land

Venue: Maris Stella High School
Fall-in: 1430 (outside log room)
Report in PT Kit(blue barracudas Shirt)
Things to bring:
1) PT kit
2) Water Bottle
3) Paint and Paintbrushes

3SG Samual Shing

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