Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sea Training on the 17th, August, Friday

There will be Sea Training on this Friday, the 17th of August.
Venue: Kallang Sea Training Centre

Fall-in Time:1410 hrs (2.1opm)

Attire: Wet P.T Kit+ Necessary Items for Sea Training.

[ Note: This Sea Training is for those Part A's and B's who went for the Sea Training held Last Wednesday, 8th August at Sembawang Sea Training Centre and those WHO ARE STILL INTERESTED IN JOINING SEA COM
(This will be your FINAL chance to enter Sea Com if you are still interested)]

(Note: For The Bends and Hitches Teams for Part's A and B, You all will accompany the Group who is going to Kallang. However, You all will train your bends and hitches SEPARATE from the rest of the Sea Com Team.)

Part A's who are Supposed to turn up:
Nigel Ng, Darren Ng, Leroy, Tommy, Ki Yuen, Alvin Tay

Part B's who are supposed to turn up:
Kiah Kiat, Kai En, Feldman, Zhen Yang, Benjamin Wong, Wilfred Tan, Benedict Tan

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