Friday, August 31, 2007

Sea comp. details

Dates: 4-5 Sep
Venue: SSTC
Reporting time and place:
0645h for sea competitors
0700h for non-competitors
at Sembawang MRT.
for part A: school singlet for both days
for part B and C: school singlet for first day, barracudas shirt for second day

Lunch will not be provided for non-competitors.
The whole company is expected to come for this event. Cadets that do not turn up without valid reasons will be dealt with severely.
The valid reasons are MC, overseas and parents' letter. No other reasons will be accepted.

2SG Timothy Syn


There is a Leadership Training Course (LTC) for all part Cs on 12-13 Oct and Annual Unit Camp for the whole company on 13-14 Oct. You have been informed of these dates so keep them free.

2SG Timothy Syn

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New info for cadets going to army open house on 30th August 2007

This is an important notice to ALL part A, B, C cadets going for the army open house. Here are the NEW details.


Excused from class: 11.40am

Fall in at 11.45am at the front porch

There will be transport back to school from SAFTI Military institute.
The dismissal will be at about 6pm in school.

Attire: No. 4 uniform with beret.
Cadets will leave their bags in the log room and take only their valuables with them.

This event is compulsory for all cadets that are not in the sea com or bends and hitches team.
AWOL cases will be dealt with severely.

NEW DETAILS for 28 Aug Training

Sea Training:
All Sea competitors are required to go for this sea training.
Request to leave your class at 1140h (new)
Fall-in at 1150h in your wet PT kit at the front porch(Barracudas singlet for part A, Barracudas shirt for part B)
Eat a heavy recess, buy a snack if you are hungry during lunch.

Land Training:
All BnH team and non-competitors are to go for the land training.
fall-in: 1415h outside log room(new)
colours: 1430h (new)

Also refer to the bottom post on what to bring.

2SG Timothy Syn

Training on Wednesday,29th August

There will be training on Wednesday,it will be separated into land and sea.
Sea comp competitors are going for land(typo,should be SEA),B&H team and non-competitors are going for land.

For Sea

Venue:Sembawang Sea Training Centre(SSTC)
Things to Bring:
1)Wet PT Kit
2)Booties or Full footwear
3)Sanitary Necessities (Towel, Shampoo etc)
Other Details will be posted soon......

For Land

Venue: Maris Stella High School
Fall-in: 1430 (outside log room)
Report in PT Kit(blue barracudas Shirt)
Things to bring:
1) PT kit
2) Water Bottle
3) Paint and Paintbrushes

3SG Samual Shing

Friday, August 24, 2007

Meeting for all part Bs

There will be a meeting on Monday morning after morning assembly at the car porch for all part Bs.
No announcement will be made so please spread around your platoon especially those that do not check the blog frequently.
Those that did not turn up will be in deep trouble.

2SG Timothy Syn

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Army Open House

Part A,B and C cadets who are not selected for Sea Competition and Bend & Hitches Competition will be required to attend Army Open House at SAFTI Military Institute on 30/8/07.

Cadets are expected to come to school in their No 4 Uniform and headgear.
Excused from class: 11.40 am.
Fall-in Time: 11.45 am (Front Pouch)
Bus Arrival Time: 12 pm.
There will be transport back to school from SAFTI Military Institute.
Dismissal Time: Approximately 6 pm from school.

2SG Joel Tan

Monday, August 20, 2007

Land Trg & Orienteering selections.24/08

Venue: Maris Stella High School –Basket Ball Court
Fall-in: 1420
Report in PT kit and water bottle.

This land Trg is the ONLY Orienteering selections for part b orienteering team. Trg is also to boost physical strength of sea competitors. Preparing of Sea comp would also be done on this trg.

Attendence will be taken. AWOL cases would be dealt with severely.

2SG Joel Tan

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sea Training on the 17th, August, Friday

There will be Sea Training on this Friday, the 17th of August.
Venue: Kallang Sea Training Centre

Fall-in Time:1410 hrs (2.1opm)

Attire: Wet P.T Kit+ Necessary Items for Sea Training.

[ Note: This Sea Training is for those Part A's and B's who went for the Sea Training held Last Wednesday, 8th August at Sembawang Sea Training Centre and those WHO ARE STILL INTERESTED IN JOINING SEA COM
(This will be your FINAL chance to enter Sea Com if you are still interested)]

(Note: For The Bends and Hitches Teams for Part's A and B, You all will accompany the Group who is going to Kallang. However, You all will train your bends and hitches SEPARATE from the rest of the Sea Com Team.)

Part A's who are Supposed to turn up:
Nigel Ng, Darren Ng, Leroy, Tommy, Ki Yuen, Alvin Tay

Part B's who are supposed to turn up:
Kiah Kiat, Kai En, Feldman, Zhen Yang, Benjamin Wong, Wilfred Tan, Benedict Tan

Monday, August 13, 2007

Meetings on Tuesday, 14 August

There are 2 meetings tomorrow for all Part C's.

The first meeting is at recess and is for those Part C's who went for last Wednesday's Sea Training.
Venue: Open Plaza
Please bring $1 to pay for the chicken rice.

The second meeting is After School and is for all Part C's
Venue: Open Plaza
Note: The Meeting has been changed from Tuesday to Wednesday.
Same time: 2.00pm
Same Venue: Open Plaza

3rd Sgt Stephan

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Upcoming sea training dates

Take notes of these Sea Training dates and keep them free as you may be required to go.

Training at Sembawang Sea Training Centre(SSTC):
-29 Augest, Wednesday

Training at Kallang Sea Training Centre(KSTC):

-17 Aug, Friday

2SG Timothy Syn

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sea Training on the 8th August, Wednesday

There is Sea Training on this Wednesday,8th August, for those who went for the past sea training on the 1st August, Wednesday and those who are interested in the Annual Sea Competition,as well as for the Bends And Hitches Team.

Venue(SEA):Sembawang Sea Training Centre

for the Bends And Hitches Team,there is no land training. You will accompany the Sea Com Team to Sembawang Sea Training Centre, however you will train on your own. Please be reminded that all going have to bring 2 dollars to pay for lunch.

NOTE: Important, This just in, Part A's and B's who are not in the Sea Competition( Not Kayaking and Not in Bends and Hitches) will have to attend the RSN Familiarisation Course.

NOTE: Sorry for the Delay, here are the details for the RSN Familliarisation
Attire: No.3 Uniform.
(RSN)Time : 10.20(Front Porch)
There will be a bus back from the camp.

Fall In Time(for Sea):10.20
There will be a 1 way bus ride there.

Part A: Bends and Hitches Team

  • Goh Jun Cong,
  • Justin,
  • Zephan,
  • James
Part B: Bends and Hitches Team

  • Nicholas Koh
  • Ren Yang
  • Clyment
  • Jonathan

For those who have to go for Sea Training,

3rd Sgt Stephan Tan

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Trg on Friday 3rd august

Trg is for both part A and B.
Pls take a heavy recess if you dont have enough time for lunch. However, do take lunch, and dont be late.
Fall-in: 1415(part C 1400)
Report in PT Kit (Barracuda blue tee), Water bottle filled to the brim.

2SG Joel Tan

There has been a change of time. Pls take notice and info your platoon mates.