Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Training on 18 July and 20 July

For this Wednesday's Training, the Part A's will be going down for Sea Training at SSTC while the Part B's will be staying in school for Land Training. On Friday's Training, the Part B's will go for Sea Training at KSTC while the Part A's will remain in school for Land Training.

Details for Sea Training:
Reporting time: 1400h at front porch, the bus leaves at 1430.
What to bring:
1) Wet PT kit
2) Sanitary Necessities (Towel, Shampoo etc.)
3) Extra undergarments
4) Water Bottle
5) Booties, Old Shoes or Sandals (NO SLIPPERS OR CROCS)
You will be dismissed from your respective Sea Training centres (mentioned above) after training and there will be no transport back to school.

Details for Land Training:
Reporting time: 1400h for Part C's at log room, 1445 for others outside log room.
What to bring:
1) PT Kit
2) Water bottle
There is no need to bring your uniform.

P.S. There will be an orienteering selection for Part B's on Wednesday, ALL Part B's are to come for this Wednesday's training.

CPL Timothy Syn

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