Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sea Training on 1 Aug, Wed.

Reporting time: 1400 outside log room
Attire: Wet PT kit
Things to bring:
1)Wet PT Kit
2)Sanitary Necessities (Towel, Shampoo etc.)
3)Extra undergarments
4)Water Bottle
5)Booties, Old Shoes or Sandals (NO SLIPPERS OR CROCS!!)
Venue: Sembawang Sea Training Centre

Details: This sea training concerns all parts. There will be a selection for the Part As and Bs. There will be no transport back to school.

Appointments for that day(RE: part c only):
Nicholas Koh
Shi Hao
Yeow Boon
Zhi Peng
Jing Han
Log Spec:
Shi Jie
Wei Jun
Jie Sheng
Ming Feng
Ming En
Hong Shih

2SG Timothy Syn

Thursday, July 26, 2007

RE: Founder's Day

To ALL Parts: Fall-in at multipurpose court at 1030 in your school uniform. You will be dismissed at 1100.
To GOH for Founder's Day: Bring your No.3 uniform and PT kit. You will stay on after 1100 for rehearsals.

2SG Timothy Syn

Sunday, July 22, 2007

GOH for Founder's Day

There is a selection for GOH for Founder's Day this Monday, 23 July 2007.
All Part B's and Part C's are to come.
Attire: PE singlet with PE shorts
Reporting time: 1500h outside log room
Ending time: 1800h

CPL Timothy Syn

Friday, July 20, 2007

no training next week

There will be no training next week as some of the Part Cs are involved in GOH.

CPL Timothy Syn

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sea TRG and Land TRG

There is Sea trg for part bs and Land trg for part as tml. Sea trg will be held at KSTC.

CPL Joel Tan

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Training on 18 July and 20 July

For this Wednesday's Training, the Part A's will be going down for Sea Training at SSTC while the Part B's will be staying in school for Land Training. On Friday's Training, the Part B's will go for Sea Training at KSTC while the Part A's will remain in school for Land Training.

Details for Sea Training:
Reporting time: 1400h at front porch, the bus leaves at 1430.
What to bring:
1) Wet PT kit
2) Sanitary Necessities (Towel, Shampoo etc.)
3) Extra undergarments
4) Water Bottle
5) Booties, Old Shoes or Sandals (NO SLIPPERS OR CROCS)
You will be dismissed from your respective Sea Training centres (mentioned above) after training and there will be no transport back to school.

Details for Land Training:
Reporting time: 1400h for Part C's at log room, 1445 for others outside log room.
What to bring:
1) PT Kit
2) Water bottle
There is no need to bring your uniform.

P.S. There will be an orienteering selection for Part B's on Wednesday, ALL Part B's are to come for this Wednesday's training.

CPL Timothy Syn

Upcoming Sea Training Dates

Take notes of these Sea Training dates and keep them free as you may be required to go.

Training at Sembawang Sea Training Centre(SSTC):
-18 July, Wednesday
-25 July, Wednesday
-1 Augest, Wednesday
-8 Augest, Wednesday
-29 Augest, Wednesday

Training at Kallang Sea Training Centre(KSTC):
-20 July, Friday
-17 Aug, Friday

CPL Timothy Syn

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

IMPORTANT: Sea Training On Friday

This Sea Training Concerns ALL Parts
Fall in: 2.15pm at front porch, Bus Arrives at 2.30pm (Part C's report at logroom at 2.00pm)
Attire: PT kit
Things to bring:
1)Wet PT Kit
2)Sanitary Necessities (Towel, Shampoo etc.)
3)Extra undergarments
4)Water Bottle
5)Booties, Old Shoes or Sandals (NO SLIPPERS OR CROCS!!)
Venue: Kallang Sea Training Centre
There will be no transport back to school, you will be dismissed from KSTC directly.

CPL Timothy Syn

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Kit Exchange

This Concerns All Parts,

Those who require kit exchange for exchanging of uniforms and accesories(Beret, Shoes, etc.),
Please inform me so i can notify the log spec and he can arrange a date for the exchange.
Come find me in school or approach me directly at my class, 3 Ignatius. Thanks.


Those who need kit exchange, please inform me latest by this Thursday.
The Kit Exchange concerns HQ, not internal exchange.
NOTE. If there are less than 10 people who require kit exchange, the Log Spec will not be able to arrange a Kit Exchange

CPL Stephan

NCC Day Parade

ALL GOH and supporting cont, pls be in YCK MRT by 0720hrs. The whole thing will end around 2030hrs.

GOH: reminder to get ur hair cut and bring 25 dollars for the t-shirt. Come in t-shirt, no singlet , and sch pants. Bring another pair of sch pants. (for the actural parade). Bring ur full no.1. peak cap and gloves and buttons.
For shoes, come in the camp in Home shoes and then change to ur no.1 shoes. coming out of the camp also change back to Home shoes. Thx.

Call me if i missed out any info.

CPL Joel Tan

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Part D Passing Out Parade

Reporting time: 1420 for Part C, 1430 for Part A and B
Venue: Outside log room
Attire: No.3
Bring your PT Kit and water bottle

CPL Timothy Syn

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


This activity involves only the Part C's involved in the GOH and supporting contigent for NCC day.
All GOH, please bring $24 for GOH shirt. Report in your school pants, NCC-related shirt and normal shoes. Bring your full no.1 and extra school pants. Do NOT report in any of your no.1 attire with the exception of your school pants. You are expected to change to civilian clothing after we are dismissed.
To all GOH and supporting con. : Meet at Yio Chu Kang MRT at 0730 on Sunday. Do not be late.

CPL Timothy Syn

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Trng on Wednesday

Reporting time: 1430
Venue: Outside Log Room
Attire: No.3
Bring your PT Kit as well.

CPL Timothy Syn

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Part A Nametags

To all Part A's, please hand in $2 to your PS, CPL Aaron Choo, for your name tags. You are required to give it to him on Tuesday morning before morning assembly at his class, 3 Francis.

CPL Timothy Syn