Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sea Training Dates

There will be Sea Training on the Following Days.
  • For Sembawang Sea Training Centre(SSTC)

-18 July,Wednesday

-25 July,Wednesday

-1 August, Wednesday

-8 August,Wednesday

-29 August,Wednesday

  • For Kallang Sea Training Centre(KSTC)

-20 July,Friday

-17 August,Friday

All Sea Trainings will be conducted from 1400 hrs- 1800 hrs++

These Sea Trainings are for ALL Parts

CPL Stephan

Sunday, May 27, 2007

NCC Day Supporting Contingent

The Following Part C Cadets are selected for the NCC Day Supporting Contingent

  1. CPL Mark Nigel Tham
  2. CPL Samual Shing
  3. CPL Aaron Choo Xuan Le
  4. CPL Tan Jie Sheng
  5. CPL Tan Zhi Peng
  6. CPL Tay Yeow Boon
  7. CPL Sheum Shi Jie
  8. CPL Alex Zhou Zheng Yi
  9. CPL Yap Ming En
  10. CPL Sia Ming Feng


(This Refers to the Numbers beside each Part C Cadets Name)

Cadets 1-5 are in Supporting Contingent 1

Cadets 6-10 are in Supporting Contingent 2

CPL Stephan Tan

Thursday, May 24, 2007

This is a reminder to all part As who are going for tomorrow's navy open house.

All part As who are going are reminded to bring their report books to school so that they can hand their report books up to their form teachers.

Pls do not forget to bring the report book as those who forget to bring must return home to get their report books and will delay the rest who are going.

CPL Nicholas Liaw

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

NAVY OPEN HOUSE for Part A Cadets

Date: 25.05.07 (This Friday)
Time: fall-in 730 outside Shaw Hall.
Return to school at around 1400.
Transport: Bus leaves at 0900; two-way (return to school)
Venue: Changi Naval Base
Attire: No. 3 Uniform, full gear (badges and head dress)

this is copied directly from Ntrix.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Thursday training for part Bs

All part Bs pls take note.

For this thursday's training, only those who are in the Sec 2 camp are excused from going for training. The rest are to be down for training as per normal and also take part in the orieteering selection.

CPL Nicholas Liaw

Training on Thursday

There will be training on this Thursday, 24th May 2007.
Fall-in: 1330h outside log room
Attire: No.4 and PT kit

All parts except Part D's are to attend.

Please bring writing materials.

There will be orienteering selection for Part B's, all those that want to be selected must turn up.

All Part C's going for spec course(sea module) please bring along your NCC notes that you have last year as there will be a lecture.

Cadets that need to go for Parents-Teacher Meeting will attend the Parents-Teacher Meeting first and turn up for training after that.

CPL Timothy Syn

Friday, May 18, 2007

Spec Course for part C

This is the list of the cadets selected for the spec course.

1. Alfred Neo
2. Mathew Tan
3. Timothy Syn
4. Charles Tomas
5. Nicholas Koh
6. Nicholas Liaw
7. Kua Jin Han
8. Tan Shi Hao
9. Sennett Khong
10. Stephane Blake Tan
11. Joel Tan
12. Jonathan Mok

1. The spec course is from 06/06 to 08/06. All who attended Sea module will have to attend the Land Module from 18/06 to 19/06.

2.Cadets will be tested on bends and hitches and splicing.

3.Sea module is non-residential but land module is residential.

4.Reporting time is 1200 hrs on the 06/06, 0715 hrs on 07/06 and 0715 hrs on 08/06.

5.Reporting venue: Tanah Merah Mrt Station Control

6.Reporting attire: No. 3 uniform

7.Items to bring: a) Bus pass or Ncc membership card b) Writing materials, paper cutter and masking or insulating tape. c) A length of rope of 1.5m and about 8-10 mm in diameter d) RSN-NCC Specialist Seaanship course training manual e) No. 3 uniform

8.Cadets are not allowed to bring handphones with photo taking features.

9.Passing out ceremony is on 19/06 at AMQ camp. No. 3 with headgear.

10.A briefing will be conducted on 21/05/2007. Monday, 1600H. attendance is Compulsory. Those who did not attend briefing will not be allowed to attend the course.

CPL Joel Tan

ISCEP briefing on monday

This monday, the 21st of may, there would be a ISCEP briefing for all the following part c cadets.

CPL Ray Lim
CPL Nicholas Liaw
CPL Tan Shi Hao
CPL Samual Shing
CPL Mark Nigel Tham
CPL Jonathan Mok

The briefing will at HQ at 3pm.

Pls also be reminded to bring the following items for the briefing

IC/ ez-link card
Money for payment of trip.

Call me if you have any queries.

CPL Nicholas Liaw

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

NO Training on May 18

This Week, Friday, 18 of May, there will be NO training. All Parts Stand Down. For Part A's There will be the Civil Defence Course to attend.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

One Star Kayaking Course for Part A's

The One Star Kayaking Course will be held at People Association (Pasir Ris) on 12 May 2007 (Sat) and 13 May 2007 (Sun). The course is from 10 am to 5 pm.

Part A cadets are expected to reach the 403 bus-stand at Pasir Ris Bus Interchange by 9 am on 12 May 2007 (Sat). The platoon sergeants will be bringing the cadets to the People Association from the interchange.

Things to Bring for Part A Cadets:
1. PT Kit
2. Booties or Sport Shoes (No slippers or sandals will be allowed)
3. Cash (To buy lunch)
4. A dry set of clothing
5. Shower equipment (Towel and shower foam)

Thank you.

Please inform all your other platoon mates to ensure the message is spread.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

SANA Course for NCC Part B Cadets

Singapore Anti Narcotics Association (SANA) is organising the 1 day SANA course on 28th May and 9th Nov 07.

This course is compulsory for all Part B cadets and course participants who successfully complete the course will be awarded badge and certificate of attendence.

The course will be held at Sengkang Community Hub (Sengkang Square) from 0830 to 1700hrs. A minimal administrative fee of $4 per person shall be payable to the course organiser.
Cadets are to report directly to the course venue.
Cadets who will be away in China Xi An during the May holiday may signed up for the course in Nov 07.
Cadets are to hand in the SANA course application form to Mr Teng Chai Chew by 7th May 07. Thank you.

this announcement is copied directly from the Ntrix Website.
CPL Lee Wen Xiong