Saturday, March 31, 2007

Message from LTA(NCC) GOH Jennifer Joy (Commanding Officer/2006)

"Dear Cadet Leaders, Cadets, Parents and fellow NCC teachers,
The good news of our achievement as the BEST SEA UNIT (2006) should not be a huge surprise as that was our mission and target from the very start. But to actually know that we have achieved it is altogether another thing, for competition gets tougher as the years go by. Though everything we did was towards that end and I would still say that our success is very much by God's grace and what we did during the process came to a fruition that befits our efforts, time and talent. Again by God's grace, (1) we have understanding parents who give us their unwavering support even in the face of trying circumstances (e.g. allowing our cadets to participate in the late night opening ceremony of the National Camp 2006), (2) dedicated NCC teachers, who by their presence and commitment, epitomises the value of sacrificing personal gains for general good, (3) we have loyal CLTs (present and ex) whose firm belief that our unit is the BEST, demonstrate to us the value of staying faithful even in times of difficult circumstances, (4) we have responsible group cadet leaders (2006: MSG Eugene and gang) who never fails us by rising to the occasion, no matter how tricky the situations become, (5) supportive Commander (Sea) and his staff who sets high expectations for us and thus exhorts us to such greatness, and last but not least, (6) we have great Marist teachers, Marist HODs, Marist staff, Marist Principal and Vice Principals, to thank for! I thank God that there are so many support lines and personnel for us to grow and blossom. Thank you MARIS STELLA!"

Cheers and Thanks,
LTA(NCC) GOH sor hoon jennifer joy

Best Sea Unit!


Hello fellow cadets and juniors!

First off, I would like to thank all the Sirs and Mdms whom have contributed all their time and effort to contribute to the Best Unit Competition. Without your endless support and help, we couldn't have achieved the Best Sea Unit Award.

I would also like to thank the whole company, whether you are a part A, B, C or D. No matter how small your contribution was to the company, whether you had taken part in any competition or not, it doesn't matter cause EVERY contribution counts.

To all the Part D's, I thank you all for your support in every aspect, whether it be physically or mentally. It has indeed helped build up the company and helped us achieve the Best Sea Unit title once again. I thank you all for putting your time and effort to help train your respective platoons, getting all the paperwork done and putting up with all the stress I have enforced on you all. I hope no offence is taken. hahaha. Without you all, we couldn't have done it. All the fun times, sad times, angry times, it has all paid off. I really love you guys.

To all the Part C's, I really hope and wish you all the best in clinching the Best Sea Unit award and Gold unit once again next year. Or rather, heck the Best Unit, why not the BEST UNIT in the whole of Singapore?! Let there be nothing to hinder you from achieving what you set out to achieve. ALWAYS aim for the best and carry on the standard the past generations has set.

To all the Part B's, Please do try to come down for every training. I know this is your Sec 2 year and most of you would have the thoughts of 'what am i doing here? Its such a waste of time.' or maybe 'I think I should 'pon' training today'. After all, I was a Part B cadet once. However, I strongly stress that you should persevere and enjoy your Sec 2 year in NCC as much as possible. My Part B life was the most enjoyable time in NCC, so do keep persevering and keep encouraging your friends to come for training like my own platoon mates did. For this, I am really grateful to them.

To all Part A's. Welcome aboard to the Barracudas family! I am very glad to see a fresh new intake and furthermore, just as Mdm Goh has said, and I quote 'Congratulations on making the right choice in choosing the elite CCA in Maris Stella High.' I wish to see that you all would enjoy your 4 years of NCC life in Maris Stella, and carry on the standard that the past batches has set, whether in terms of Physical standards, discipline, and to nurture future leaders. This is a CCA you would never forget, because this is where YOU become MEN. yeah, as depicted on the NCC Banner and if you missed it, wait until next year's cca maze.

To all the CLT's, I would really like to thank you all for your patience and being the middle-man between the Specialists and all the Sirs and Mdms, and also being our supporting pillar. Never failing to helping us improve by giving us more feedbacks and setting up courses so as to enhance our knowledge. I would also like to thank you all for assisting us in running this unit for the past 1 year.

To the 2003 intake (graduated in 2006), I thank you all for passing on the knowledge to all the specialists and always helping us out despite the fact that you have already graduated.

Last to thank, but DEFINITELY not the least, is God. He has provided us with many chances such as when I missed my Outstanding Cadet interview, I was granted a second interview. So Glory be to God!

Finally, I would like to end off saying that the Barracudas is indeed, a force to be reckoned with and ONCE AGAIN, the Barracudas IS and always will be, the BEST in the sea. Every one has a role to play in this company. Remember that.


CSM Jeremiah

Friday, March 30, 2007


Dear All,

This upcoming monday, the whole company is expected to fall-in at the school canteen at 0720 hours before morning assembly. This is very very important, so please do spread the message to your fellow platoon mates. Thanks.

CPL Lee Wen Xiong

Edited by: CSM Jeremiah Lee

Thursday, March 29, 2007

De-centralised Part A Affirmation Ceremony 2007

Friday, 30th March 2007

To All cadets,

This coming Friday, 30th March 2007 will be the Part A Affirmation Ceremony. The venue would be in the Primary School AVA Theatre. It will commence at 1600 hrs sharp.

Cadet's whose parents will be attending the ceremony, please inform them that they have to be at the front porch by 1550hrs, as you will be dispatched at 1545pm to usher your parents down to the Primary School AVA Theatre. If there are any queries, please contact me on my phone.


CSM Jeremiah

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Affirmation Ceremony

This Friday, 30th March 2007, there will be an Affirmation Ceremony.
ALL parts are to be in No.3 for the ceremony.
Fall-in at the front porch at 2.30pm.

CPL Lee Wen Xiong

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Elton's Call

All Part Bs are to make a photocopy of their kayaking certificate and pass it to 2SG Elton Lim by the 26th of March, monday.
There is a serial number behind the Kayaking cert which have to be noted down by Part Bs and also to be handed to 2SG Elton.
The serial number is very impt.
Look for 2SG Elton Lim in the before morning assembly at class 4I.

CPL lee wen xiong...



1. The Organizing Committee of the above mentioned event has cordially invited Teacher Officers, Cadet Lieutenants and Cadets from the National Cadet Corps to attend this grand parade to provide a rousing send off to LG Ng Yat Chung

2. It will be held at SAFTI MI Parade Square on 23 Mar 2007, 1600 hr

Sea - no.3 with beret


3. Transportation will be provided from NCC Campus to 3rd Division, Jurong Camp.

4. The coaches will leave NCC Campus at 1400 hr

5. At Jurong Camp, participants would take a guided short walk to the parade-viewing gallery.

6. The parade is expected to end at approximately 1830 hr and all participants will be guided back to Jurong Camp.

7. There will be 4 coaches provided to the following venues:

a. Boon Lay MRT
b. Ang Mo Kio MRT
c. Yishun MRT
d. Tampines MRT


8. Cadets without proper No.3 uniform or no uniform please report outside NCC logroom (outside basketball court) at 1215hr.

9. Cadets will be in uniform No.3 so please be in your best behavior.

10. 1215hr excuse yourselves from class, have your lunch. 1245hr report at front porch. 1300hr bus leaves from school.

CPL lee wen xiong

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Barracudas

<:23rd March...07:>

on the 23rd of march there will be training for ALL parts.
fall-in: 1430hrs
colours: 1445hrs
dismissal: 1800hrs+
attire: no.4 and P.T kit
this friday training is extremely impt for the Part Cs therefore it is extra compulsory for them to come.
------------------the end------------------

CPL lee wen xiong

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Training on the Friday

For ALL Part B, C and Ds there will be training on frinday, the 9th March 07.
Fall-in at 1430h.
Colours at 1445h.
Attire is No. 4 and PT-Kit.
Dismissal at 1815h.

Part As need not go for the training on the 9th of March 07.
On the 7th of March, a wednesday, Part As have to go for uniform collection.
Fall-in at 1430h.
Dismissal at 1715h.
Attire is PT-Kit.
Part As are to also pass 2SG Joshua Ong $50 latest by that Wednesday.

All cadets to have a heavier recess so that they need not have lunch.
Cadets to only get light Snacks if they feel hungry at lunchtime.

CPL WX lee

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Boat boyS

those part Bs going for the AKE PreP to be boat boys this saturday the 3rd of March 07, report at SSTC at 7.30am.
wear wet-pt kit and bring X-tra clothes and water bottle.
CPL lee wx