Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Park & Beach Cleaning

tomorrow, the 1st Nov 2006, there will be park & beach cleaning.
report at KSTC at 1.45pm sharp no later
attire is PT kit
the dismissal time will be at 5pm

OIC: SSG Aw Sze Jet
* if Sze Jet is not there, 2SG Joshua Ong will take over his duty

this is compulsory for those which have handed up their names.
those which did not hand up their names are encouraged to go.
however, there is no guarantee that HQ will accomodate those which did not hand up their names.

this applies to ALL parts.

CPL Lee Wen Xiong

Monday, October 30, 2006

Shooting Competition Details

Part A Shooting Competition team
- Nicholas
- Benjamin.W
- Kia Kiat
- Kai En
- Brandon

Part B Shooting Competition team
- Nicholas.K
- Nigel
- Shiva
- Charles
- Sennett

Part C Shooting Competition team
- Jeremiah
- Wei Su
- Victor
- Sze Jet
- Elton

To all Shooting competition team, there is training this Wednesday, 1 November 2006.
The venue is at Seng Kang Community Centre. Reporting time is 0915hrs, please do not be late. It is advised that you all be there before the reporting time, around 15 minutes early. The attire is your PT Kit and bring along your No. 4 top, and please bring along a bottle of water.

The actual competition date for the Part A and B will be on the 9th of November 2006. You are to report at Nee Soon IMT Range 2 by 0800 hours. There should be a transport to the camp, we will keep you posted. Please refer to the blog everyday. The attire will be your FULL No.4. Part B's, there will be no Part C's down on that day, so please do take care of yourselves and your juniors. Please take note too, that when you are in the camp, please behave yourselves. I will brief you all further on 1 November, as there are too many points to cover.

Part C Shooting Competition Date will be on the 22 November 2006, Wednesday. The attire will be your Full No. 4. Hopefully, we would be able to make it into the Finals which is on the 23 November 2006.


so GET OUT THERE, and WIN back what belongs to us!


CSM Jeremiah

Friday, October 27, 2006

Part D's please take note.

ALL cadets, please note that next year, on the first day of school, there will be a school training.

Attire: Full No. 3
Fall-in time: 1130 hrs
Dismissal time: 1400 hrs

Part D's of 2007, you are to present a Workplan for each part on that day. I would call for a meeting during the holidays and if possible, please try and work out something at home, so that the meeting will be shorter.

CSM Jeremiah

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

RSN ACTIVITIES and Proficiency Test

25 October 2006, Wednesday
Part B's are to attend the RSN Activity. The attire is No. 4. It is from 1500 hrs - 1700 hrs. Part B Team Specialist, you are expected to attend the activity.

26 October 2006, Thursday
ALL cadets are required to attend the upcoming Proficiency test held on this Thursday. Please revise on your Ropework and flip through the notes on Seamanship. If there are any queries, please approach your Specialists. Thanks, and good luck to all.

The Attire is FULL NO. 3. Please do not forget! Brunch will be provided in school tomorrow and you will be dismissed from KSTC.

27 October 2006, Friday
Part B's are to attend the RSN Activity. The attire is No. 3. It is from 1500 hrs - 1700 hrs. Part B Team Specialist, you are expected to attend the activity.

CSM Jeremiah

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Proficiency Test 26/10

Proficiency Test, 26 October 2006
Next Thursday, 26 October 2006, School will end early. Cadets are expected to stay in school for revision. Transport to KSTC will be provided. Furthermore, Brunch will be catered. Please do not leave the school premises after school ends.

The time that the test will end is still unknown. It will be approx. 5-6 pm. We cannot confirm this with you. The attire is School Uniform. For further inquiries, please drop it on the tagboard or please contact me personally. Thanks.

CSM Jeremiah

Training on Friday

there will be training on friday, 20th of October.

things to bring are:
1) No. 4
2) PT Kit

Training will commence at 2pm, fall-in at the multi-purpose court.
Training will end at 6.15pm.

posted by CPL lee wen xiong...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Proficiency Test Revision

18 October 2006, Wednesday
There will be Training tomorrow, 18 Oct, at 1400 Hrs. Please fall outside the Logistics Room, and further instructions will be given. The attire is School Uniform.

20 October 2006, Friday
There will be training held in school. The attire will be confirmed by tomorrow. Please keep track of the blog so as to keep yourself updated.

23 & 24 October, Monday and Tuesday
Cadets, please do take note of this two days because you might be called back for more proficiency test revision. Let me stress that the Proficiency Test plays a big role in the Best Unit Competition. (BUC) So, please do your own revision at home and practice your rope work. If there are any queries, please feel free to approach your Specialists.

25 & 27 October, Wednesday and Friday
There will be RSN Activities held on this 2 days. Cadets are reminded that the attire is Full No. 4. More details will be posted ASAP. You can also refer to the School Routine Order (SRO) for more details on the RSN Activities.

CSM Jeremiah

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Things to bringUNIFORM:
-1 set of no.4
-1 jockey cap and beret
-green socks, boots etc.

-more than 4 sets of pt kit(comprising of ONLY school related/ncc/unit related t-shirts/singlets, dark blue or black shorts with length above the knee, these are to be standardised among various parts)
-pt/sport shoes-sandals(slippers are NOT ALLOWED)

-SUFFICIENT change of undergarments (NO BOXERS)
-SUFFICIENT change of WHITE socks
-track pants(optional)
-sleeping bag

-toilet paper
-towel(s)>>>for bath-soap and/or shampoo-toothpaste and toothbrush

-if needed eg. inhaler etc

-water bottles(COMPULSORY at least 800ml and water bottles design and colout etc are to be standardised among individual platoons)
-food enough to supply for 3 meals of field cooking eg. instant noodles, can sardines, etc....

Part A - NO.4 , 14 October 2006, Saturday, 0700hrs fall in at the Multi Purpose Court.

Part B - NO.4, 13 October 2006 , 1500hrs please Fall-in at the Open plaza.

CSM Jeremiah Lee

Friday, October 06, 2006

Proficiency Test and Annual Unit Camp

Proficiency Test
The Proficiency Test will be held on the 26th of October 2006, Thursday. The venue is KSTC. This test is compulsory and to be promoted, you would have to take the test. Furthermore, the test plays a big component in the BUC. So, please do study hard for the test. Read through the notes concerning the Seamanship and revise your knots. If there are any queries, please feel free to approach any of your specialists.

Annual Unit Camp
This is a notice to the whole company. THERE IS A ANNUAL UNIT CAMP. It will start on the 13th of October for Part B's and 14th October for Part A's. The camp will end on the 15th October, time to be confirmed.

Part B
Reporting time and date: 13 October, 1500 Hours.

Part A
Reporting time and date: 14 October, time to be confirmed.

Consent form will be handed out to all cadets asap. The To-Bring list will be posted on the NCC Board. Please do check the NCC Board for frequent updates. This camp is compulsory, and all cadets are expected to attend.

RSN Activities
The RSN Activities will be held on the 25 and 27 October 2006. Further details will be given.