Friday, September 22, 2006

Corrections of Timings for POP, 23/9/06

er... there has been a change in timings for reporting time.

part A is to report at 3.30pm
part B is to report at 3.00pm
part C is to report at 2.00pm

also best of luck to the orienteering teams...

posted by CPL wen xiong...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Indian Naval Camp

Indian Naval Camp
Congrats to SSG Jeremiah and SSG Victor on passing the interview for the Indian Naval Camp, 4-15 Nov 2006 held in India.

Orienteering Competition
Part B Orienteering Team, including the reserve, please meet at Ang Mo Kio MRT at 6.30 am. DO NOT BE LATE. The attire is No.4 Uniform. You are reminded to bring your SBO, Cantin, compass, whistle, long ruler, and a thin headed permanent marker. Failure of bringing this items would result in points deduction.

Please be reminded that there is a Passing Out Parade this Saturday. DO NOT FORGET! Full no 3, reporting time is 1430 Hours LATEST. do not be late.

CSM Jeremiah

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Passing out parade
POP is this Saturday, 23 September 2006. Reporting time is 2.30pm at primary school parade square. Full no. 3. Expected to end at 7pm. Attendance is compulsory.

Part C's are to meet for a short briefing on what the events going on this Saturday for POP.

Date: Friday, 22 Sept 06
Venue: Log Room
Time: Recess Time

Any Part C who does not come for this briefing, and does not provide a valid reason, will be dealt with. This is a very important briefing as no 'cock-ups' are expected on this Saturday's POP.

Bofors and OTO Melera
The RSN Activities, Bofors for Part B and OTO Melera has been cancelled.

Friday Training
There will be no training this friday. The whole company will Stand Down. BUT, THERE WILL POP ON THIS SATURDAY, AND IT IS COMPULSORY.

CSM Jeremiah

Monday, September 18, 2006

change of appointment, overseas trip, POP

Change of appointment
There has been a change of appointment again with immediate effect since 16 September 2006.

2 SG Joshua has been transferred over to being a Part A Platoon Sergeant. This means that there will be 2 Platoon Sergeants for the Part A's.

2SG Aaron has been reinstated to a Assistant Part A Platoon Sergeant (Training).

2SG Anthony has been switched from being the Assistant Part C Platoon Sergeant (Training) to Assistant Part B Platoon Sergeant (Training).

Overseas Trip
The upcoming overseas trip are the Indian Naval Camp (4-13 Nov 2006) ,Perak Expedition (7-10 Nov 2006 with only 4 Spaces allocated to MSHS NCC SEA) and OBS (Singapore(13 Vacancies), Sabah(3 Vacancies) and Brunei(1 vacancy)). Part C cadets whom are interested, please submit your names to CSM Jeremiah by Tuesday Latest. There will be a briefing for cadets whom are interested to go for the Indian Naval Camp and the 7 cadets whom are going for the Perak Expedition on Thursday, 4pm at Amoy Quee Camp HQ NCC Sea Office. Please meet at the front porch at 2.50 pm when all lessons have ended. DO NOT BE LATE.

Names gotten so far for Indian Naval Camp:
- SSG Jeremiah
- SSG Sze Jet
- SSG Wei Su
- 2SG Kun Wei
- 2SG Gabriel

Names gotten so far for Perak Expedition:
- SSG Jeremiah (withdraw)
- SSG Aw Sze Jet (withdraw)
- 2SG Benjamin
- 2SG Lee Zen
- 2SG Gentson
- CPL Wen Xiong
- 2SG Anthony
- 2SG Ming Hui
- 2SG Elton

Out of these 7 remaining cadets, you are free to back out of the Perak Expedition by Thursday. If you have already gone for any overseas trip, please back out and give others a chance. Thank you.

OBS Singapore (13 Vacancies)
- CPL Marcus

OBS Brunei (1 Vacancy)
- 2SG Darren.K

OBS Sabah (3 Vacancy)
- nil

Latest day to tell me is tuesday. Please tell me ASAP.

Passing Out Parade
All Cadets, Part A-D are to report at the Primary School Parade Square by latest 1430 Hours in your Full No. 3. Attendance is compulsory. it will end at around 7pm Latest.

OTO Melera, Part C
There is a visit to a naval camp, next friday, 29 September 2006. Further details would be given.

22 September 2006, Training
Training will be still be held on this coming friday 22 September 2006. The attire is your Full No. 4. Reporting time is 1430 Hours.

23 September 2006, Orienteering Competition
The orienteering competition for the Part B's would be held this Saturday. The attire is Full No. 4. Please meet at 6.45 am at Ang Mo Kio MRT in your Full No. 4 + SBO + Cantin. ALL THE BEST THIS SATURDAY!

CSM Jeremiah

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Change of Appointment

With immediate effect, 2SG Aaron has been suspended.
2SG Elton will be reinstated to the appointment of the Part A Platoon Sergeant.
2SG Ming Hui has been appointed to take over the Assistant Part A Platoon Sergeant (Training).

CPL Ryan will also be suspended with immediate effect. CPL Wen Xiong will take over his appointment as the Head of Administration.

Passing Out Parade
This is a notice to ALL Part A-D, the POP will be held on Next Saturday, 23 September 2006. The attire is No.3. Reporting time is 1430 hours at the primary school parade square. please do not forget. This is compulsory for ALL part A-D.

CSM Jeremiah

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Orienteering for the company
Venue: Pasir Ris Park Basketball Court, next to Pasir Ris Sea Sports Club.

Date: Saturday, 16 September 2006

Attire: PT Kit

Things to bring: yourself, a bottle of water.

Time: 0900 at Pasir Ris MRT meet your Platoon Sergeants if you do not know how to go. report latest 0930 at Pasir Ris Park Basketball Court

NOTE: Part B ORIENTEERING TEAM, please wear your no 4 for the run. PART B ORIENTEERING TEAM ONLY.

If there are any queries, please contact your Platoon Sergeants.

There is training on friday. Fall in in the Multi-Purpose Court at 1430 hours. Attire is No.4 with PT Kit. There will be a Total Defense lesson during Friday's training. Cadets whose lesson ends late are reminded to tell their Platoon Sergeants.

If any of the instructions is unclear, please make it known to us. IF there is something impt that requires an IMMEDIATE REPLY, DO NOT put it on the tag board. INSTEAD, do not hesitate to call up your Platoon Sergeants.

CSM Jeremiah

Monday, September 11, 2006

Prize Presentation

The following Winners of this events are to report to school in their No.3 on Wednesday, 13 September 2006 at 7 am at the Podium.

- Part A Singles
- Part A Doubles
- Part B Singles
- Part C Singles

Please do not be late for school on that day as their will be a prize presentation. The Emcee will be ASM Wei Jia, whom is also required to wear your No.3.

Senior Specialists Course
Congrats to USM Jeremiah, ASM Victor, ASM Wei Su, ASM Wei Jia and 2SG Sze Jet for sucessfully passing their Senior Specialists COurse and promoted to a Staff Sergeant. Well done!

Orienteering for the company
Company, please take note! This coming Saturday, 17 September, there will be an Orienteering run for the whole company. FULL Attendance is expected as if you pass this orienteering, you will get the Orienteering Badge.

Orienteering team, Part B
Orienteering team, please take note that this Wednesday is the selection for the Orienteering Team. All the best. Your Competition will be on the Saturday after next, which is the 23 of September.

USM Jeremiah

Sunday, September 10, 2006

To all Sea comp medal winners

All Part A, Part B and Part C Sea Comp 2006 medal winners, are to bring their medals to school tomorrow and hand them to SGT Wyeley before morning assembly.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sea Comp 2006


Sea Comp 2006 attire

All parts are to wear the attire assigned to them. All cadets are expected to attend the sea comp even if they are not participating. All cadets are to be outside SSTC by 0800hrs.

Sea Comp 2006

All competitors are to bring a cap as the last pair or last kayaker MUST wear a cap in order to complete the race. Any participating group without a cap will be disqualified.

The cap is to be a jockey cap which is the no.4 cap

ASM Wei Su

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sea Competition Info.

Sea Competition

Date: 4-5 September 2006

Venue: SSTC

Attire: Blue Barracudas + PE Shorts

Time: latest is 0800 Hours outside SSTC

Please do not be late and attendance is compulsory for all cadets. Do show your upmost support for your fellow platoon mates taking part in the Sea Competition.

Platoon Sgt please give ASM Wei Su the Sea Comp Team BY SUNDAY LATEST! He has to fill in the nominal roll which is due on Monday.

Senior Specialist Course
The 5 Part C's going for the SSC on 6-8 September, this is a reminder. DO NOT FORGET ABOUT IT!

NCC Dinner
On the 9th of September, Saturday, there will be a NCC dinner. It will cost $5 per person. this is only open to Part C's only. If interested, please get back to me ASAP. Latest by monday.

CSM Jeremiah

Friday, September 01, 2006



All the best to all sea comp participants!! ALL THE WAY BARRACUDAS!

Attendance is compulsory for Sea Competition on the 4-5 Sept. EVERYONE MUST be down.

CSM jeremiah