Friday, December 29, 2006

Sir Hee's Leaving Parade

This coming wednesday, 3rd January 2007, there will be a rehearsal for Sir Hee's Leaving Parade.

Attire: Half No.3. No.3 pants and blue barracudas T-shirt
Time to report: 1145 hrs at primary school parade square

The actual date for Sir Hee's Leaving parade has yet to be confirmed. We will inform you all as soon as we get a confirmed date. In the meantime, please brush up on your marching. Further details will be told on the 3rd itself. Thanks.

Please note that details are subjected to changes as long as it is 24 hours before the actual thing. Cadets please pass on this message. I am very sure not everyone checks the blog, and attendance for the rehearsal is compulsory as this is a major event and everyone is expected to be part of it. Excuses such as you do not know will NOT be excepted. Please remember that passing of information to your platoon mates is YOUR responsibility and not your platoon sergeants. You have been told.

CSM Jeremiah

Sunday, December 24, 2006

final part C 2006 meeting

there will be a final part C meeting on the 29th of December 06.
the venue is mshs ncc log room.
time to report is 1pm. ending time is estimated at 3pm.
all part Cs are required to attend.

CPL lee wen xiong

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Part A activites

All Part As are to take note that activies on the 6th and 13th of December are cancelled. If there are any enquiries, please conatact your Part A PS.

By 2SG Elton Lim

Friday, December 01, 2006

4th Meeting for Specialists

This is a reminder TO ALL PART D's,

The venue to meet is Expo Mrt control station at 10.30 am. Please do not be late. The attire must be NCC related.

CSM Jeremiah

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Advance Spec Course

on the 27th of november, which is tomorrow, there will be an advance spec course.
All Part Cs are expected to attend this course.
for those who cannot make it, a valid and approved reason must be given.
this course will be on monday and tuesday.
Attire: No.4
Report outside the log room at 8.15am. latest 8.30am.
the course is from 9am to 6pm.

CPL lee wen xiong

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Attention to all Part C.
the Oto Melera trip has been cancelled.

CPL lee wen xiong

Shooting Competition Results

Part A
PTE Brandon - Overall 1st amongst all districts. He has been awarded the Gold medal.

Part B
The Part B Team are 1st in Sea District and 5th amongst all districts. They have been awarded the Bronze medals.

Part C
The Part C Team are 3rd in Sea District and 21st amongst all districts.

Great job guys! May we improve every year!

CSM Jeremiah

Farewell Rehearsal

on the 2nd jan 2007, colours parade, there will be a rehearsal for the farewell parade of Sir Philip Hee.
time to be confirm that morning.

CPL lee wen xiong

Monday, November 20, 2006

NEWater Visit


The 16 Part A's whom are going tomorrow to the NEWater visit, Please be reminded to meet at 1.30pm at Tanah Merah MRT. The attire is No.4. It is from 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm.

Specialists whom will be present tomorrow will be 2SG Elton and 2SG Ming Hui.


Please be reminded that the next meeting will be on the 2nd December 2006 and respective Platoon Sergeants, please hand up your Platoon's Holiday Schedule. Thanks.

CSM Jeremiah

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Current Changes in Barracudas

Sir Hee's passing out parade is in early January.
OIC for the passing out parade is SSG Aw Sze Jet. He should call the CSM for futher details.

Mdm Toh and Sir Teng are now fully fledged officers.
Mdm Toh is the CO of year 2007.

posted by CPL lee wen xiong

Shooting Com Results 2006

Shooting for overall team is 5th placing (bronze).
Part B shooting team is to be at the awards ceremony on the 23 of November
* PTE Brandon Hong have to be there at the awards ceremony on the 23 Nov.

posted by CPL Lee Wen Xiong

Friday, November 03, 2006

Meeting for Part Cs

All my dear fellow part Cs...
there will be a meetin in school on the 17 of November
this is compulsory, important, urgent, enforced and necessary for all part Cs
time to report is 2 pm...
venue is in the canteen...
cooperation is the make the meetin end faster

CPL Lee Wen Xiong

Goodbye people!

Hello to all barracudas! Last minute things to settle before i leave in peace. no, i am not dying.


2) Respective platoon sergeants, on the 9th of November please make sure you turn up at khatib MRT before 0700 Hours. There will be transport to Nee Soon Camp.

I/C Shooting Comp - 2SG Elton
2 I/C Shooting Comp - 2SG Anthony


4) CPL Benjamin Neo, please do not forget the job that has been delegated to you. Please hand up to Mdm Chua ASAP.

5) SSG Wei Jia or SSG Sze Jet, please conduct a meeting for the Part C's so that they can discuss the work plan. If any help is needed, please ring up the CLT's.

6) If anyone is interested in sending us off, its at Terminal 1, 6.30 pm. At the check-in counter for India Airlines.

I hope that should be all, and Part C's please make sure nothing happens during this period of time when we are away. We are uncontactable. If there really are any questions, we will see if there is a wireless lan there, cause we've got a webcam. cheers and pray that we have a safe trip.

CSM Jeremiah

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Park & Beach Cleaning

tomorrow, the 1st Nov 2006, there will be park & beach cleaning.
report at KSTC at 1.45pm sharp no later
attire is PT kit
the dismissal time will be at 5pm

OIC: SSG Aw Sze Jet
* if Sze Jet is not there, 2SG Joshua Ong will take over his duty

this is compulsory for those which have handed up their names.
those which did not hand up their names are encouraged to go.
however, there is no guarantee that HQ will accomodate those which did not hand up their names.

this applies to ALL parts.

CPL Lee Wen Xiong

Monday, October 30, 2006

Shooting Competition Details

Part A Shooting Competition team
- Nicholas
- Benjamin.W
- Kia Kiat
- Kai En
- Brandon

Part B Shooting Competition team
- Nicholas.K
- Nigel
- Shiva
- Charles
- Sennett

Part C Shooting Competition team
- Jeremiah
- Wei Su
- Victor
- Sze Jet
- Elton

To all Shooting competition team, there is training this Wednesday, 1 November 2006.
The venue is at Seng Kang Community Centre. Reporting time is 0915hrs, please do not be late. It is advised that you all be there before the reporting time, around 15 minutes early. The attire is your PT Kit and bring along your No. 4 top, and please bring along a bottle of water.

The actual competition date for the Part A and B will be on the 9th of November 2006. You are to report at Nee Soon IMT Range 2 by 0800 hours. There should be a transport to the camp, we will keep you posted. Please refer to the blog everyday. The attire will be your FULL No.4. Part B's, there will be no Part C's down on that day, so please do take care of yourselves and your juniors. Please take note too, that when you are in the camp, please behave yourselves. I will brief you all further on 1 November, as there are too many points to cover.

Part C Shooting Competition Date will be on the 22 November 2006, Wednesday. The attire will be your Full No. 4. Hopefully, we would be able to make it into the Finals which is on the 23 November 2006.


so GET OUT THERE, and WIN back what belongs to us!


CSM Jeremiah

Friday, October 27, 2006

Part D's please take note.

ALL cadets, please note that next year, on the first day of school, there will be a school training.

Attire: Full No. 3
Fall-in time: 1130 hrs
Dismissal time: 1400 hrs

Part D's of 2007, you are to present a Workplan for each part on that day. I would call for a meeting during the holidays and if possible, please try and work out something at home, so that the meeting will be shorter.

CSM Jeremiah

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

RSN ACTIVITIES and Proficiency Test

25 October 2006, Wednesday
Part B's are to attend the RSN Activity. The attire is No. 4. It is from 1500 hrs - 1700 hrs. Part B Team Specialist, you are expected to attend the activity.

26 October 2006, Thursday
ALL cadets are required to attend the upcoming Proficiency test held on this Thursday. Please revise on your Ropework and flip through the notes on Seamanship. If there are any queries, please approach your Specialists. Thanks, and good luck to all.

The Attire is FULL NO. 3. Please do not forget! Brunch will be provided in school tomorrow and you will be dismissed from KSTC.

27 October 2006, Friday
Part B's are to attend the RSN Activity. The attire is No. 3. It is from 1500 hrs - 1700 hrs. Part B Team Specialist, you are expected to attend the activity.

CSM Jeremiah

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Proficiency Test 26/10

Proficiency Test, 26 October 2006
Next Thursday, 26 October 2006, School will end early. Cadets are expected to stay in school for revision. Transport to KSTC will be provided. Furthermore, Brunch will be catered. Please do not leave the school premises after school ends.

The time that the test will end is still unknown. It will be approx. 5-6 pm. We cannot confirm this with you. The attire is School Uniform. For further inquiries, please drop it on the tagboard or please contact me personally. Thanks.

CSM Jeremiah

Training on Friday

there will be training on friday, 20th of October.

things to bring are:
1) No. 4
2) PT Kit

Training will commence at 2pm, fall-in at the multi-purpose court.
Training will end at 6.15pm.

posted by CPL lee wen xiong...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Proficiency Test Revision

18 October 2006, Wednesday
There will be Training tomorrow, 18 Oct, at 1400 Hrs. Please fall outside the Logistics Room, and further instructions will be given. The attire is School Uniform.

20 October 2006, Friday
There will be training held in school. The attire will be confirmed by tomorrow. Please keep track of the blog so as to keep yourself updated.

23 & 24 October, Monday and Tuesday
Cadets, please do take note of this two days because you might be called back for more proficiency test revision. Let me stress that the Proficiency Test plays a big role in the Best Unit Competition. (BUC) So, please do your own revision at home and practice your rope work. If there are any queries, please feel free to approach your Specialists.

25 & 27 October, Wednesday and Friday
There will be RSN Activities held on this 2 days. Cadets are reminded that the attire is Full No. 4. More details will be posted ASAP. You can also refer to the School Routine Order (SRO) for more details on the RSN Activities.

CSM Jeremiah

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Things to bringUNIFORM:
-1 set of no.4
-1 jockey cap and beret
-green socks, boots etc.

-more than 4 sets of pt kit(comprising of ONLY school related/ncc/unit related t-shirts/singlets, dark blue or black shorts with length above the knee, these are to be standardised among various parts)
-pt/sport shoes-sandals(slippers are NOT ALLOWED)

-SUFFICIENT change of undergarments (NO BOXERS)
-SUFFICIENT change of WHITE socks
-track pants(optional)
-sleeping bag

-toilet paper
-towel(s)>>>for bath-soap and/or shampoo-toothpaste and toothbrush

-if needed eg. inhaler etc

-water bottles(COMPULSORY at least 800ml and water bottles design and colout etc are to be standardised among individual platoons)
-food enough to supply for 3 meals of field cooking eg. instant noodles, can sardines, etc....

Part A - NO.4 , 14 October 2006, Saturday, 0700hrs fall in at the Multi Purpose Court.

Part B - NO.4, 13 October 2006 , 1500hrs please Fall-in at the Open plaza.

CSM Jeremiah Lee

Friday, October 06, 2006

Proficiency Test and Annual Unit Camp

Proficiency Test
The Proficiency Test will be held on the 26th of October 2006, Thursday. The venue is KSTC. This test is compulsory and to be promoted, you would have to take the test. Furthermore, the test plays a big component in the BUC. So, please do study hard for the test. Read through the notes concerning the Seamanship and revise your knots. If there are any queries, please feel free to approach any of your specialists.

Annual Unit Camp
This is a notice to the whole company. THERE IS A ANNUAL UNIT CAMP. It will start on the 13th of October for Part B's and 14th October for Part A's. The camp will end on the 15th October, time to be confirmed.

Part B
Reporting time and date: 13 October, 1500 Hours.

Part A
Reporting time and date: 14 October, time to be confirmed.

Consent form will be handed out to all cadets asap. The To-Bring list will be posted on the NCC Board. Please do check the NCC Board for frequent updates. This camp is compulsory, and all cadets are expected to attend.

RSN Activities
The RSN Activities will be held on the 25 and 27 October 2006. Further details will be given.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Corrections of Timings for POP, 23/9/06

er... there has been a change in timings for reporting time.

part A is to report at 3.30pm
part B is to report at 3.00pm
part C is to report at 2.00pm

also best of luck to the orienteering teams...

posted by CPL wen xiong...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Indian Naval Camp

Indian Naval Camp
Congrats to SSG Jeremiah and SSG Victor on passing the interview for the Indian Naval Camp, 4-15 Nov 2006 held in India.

Orienteering Competition
Part B Orienteering Team, including the reserve, please meet at Ang Mo Kio MRT at 6.30 am. DO NOT BE LATE. The attire is No.4 Uniform. You are reminded to bring your SBO, Cantin, compass, whistle, long ruler, and a thin headed permanent marker. Failure of bringing this items would result in points deduction.

Please be reminded that there is a Passing Out Parade this Saturday. DO NOT FORGET! Full no 3, reporting time is 1430 Hours LATEST. do not be late.

CSM Jeremiah

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Passing out parade
POP is this Saturday, 23 September 2006. Reporting time is 2.30pm at primary school parade square. Full no. 3. Expected to end at 7pm. Attendance is compulsory.

Part C's are to meet for a short briefing on what the events going on this Saturday for POP.

Date: Friday, 22 Sept 06
Venue: Log Room
Time: Recess Time

Any Part C who does not come for this briefing, and does not provide a valid reason, will be dealt with. This is a very important briefing as no 'cock-ups' are expected on this Saturday's POP.

Bofors and OTO Melera
The RSN Activities, Bofors for Part B and OTO Melera has been cancelled.

Friday Training
There will be no training this friday. The whole company will Stand Down. BUT, THERE WILL POP ON THIS SATURDAY, AND IT IS COMPULSORY.

CSM Jeremiah

Monday, September 18, 2006

change of appointment, overseas trip, POP

Change of appointment
There has been a change of appointment again with immediate effect since 16 September 2006.

2 SG Joshua has been transferred over to being a Part A Platoon Sergeant. This means that there will be 2 Platoon Sergeants for the Part A's.

2SG Aaron has been reinstated to a Assistant Part A Platoon Sergeant (Training).

2SG Anthony has been switched from being the Assistant Part C Platoon Sergeant (Training) to Assistant Part B Platoon Sergeant (Training).

Overseas Trip
The upcoming overseas trip are the Indian Naval Camp (4-13 Nov 2006) ,Perak Expedition (7-10 Nov 2006 with only 4 Spaces allocated to MSHS NCC SEA) and OBS (Singapore(13 Vacancies), Sabah(3 Vacancies) and Brunei(1 vacancy)). Part C cadets whom are interested, please submit your names to CSM Jeremiah by Tuesday Latest. There will be a briefing for cadets whom are interested to go for the Indian Naval Camp and the 7 cadets whom are going for the Perak Expedition on Thursday, 4pm at Amoy Quee Camp HQ NCC Sea Office. Please meet at the front porch at 2.50 pm when all lessons have ended. DO NOT BE LATE.

Names gotten so far for Indian Naval Camp:
- SSG Jeremiah
- SSG Sze Jet
- SSG Wei Su
- 2SG Kun Wei
- 2SG Gabriel

Names gotten so far for Perak Expedition:
- SSG Jeremiah (withdraw)
- SSG Aw Sze Jet (withdraw)
- 2SG Benjamin
- 2SG Lee Zen
- 2SG Gentson
- CPL Wen Xiong
- 2SG Anthony
- 2SG Ming Hui
- 2SG Elton

Out of these 7 remaining cadets, you are free to back out of the Perak Expedition by Thursday. If you have already gone for any overseas trip, please back out and give others a chance. Thank you.

OBS Singapore (13 Vacancies)
- CPL Marcus

OBS Brunei (1 Vacancy)
- 2SG Darren.K

OBS Sabah (3 Vacancy)
- nil

Latest day to tell me is tuesday. Please tell me ASAP.

Passing Out Parade
All Cadets, Part A-D are to report at the Primary School Parade Square by latest 1430 Hours in your Full No. 3. Attendance is compulsory. it will end at around 7pm Latest.

OTO Melera, Part C
There is a visit to a naval camp, next friday, 29 September 2006. Further details would be given.

22 September 2006, Training
Training will be still be held on this coming friday 22 September 2006. The attire is your Full No. 4. Reporting time is 1430 Hours.

23 September 2006, Orienteering Competition
The orienteering competition for the Part B's would be held this Saturday. The attire is Full No. 4. Please meet at 6.45 am at Ang Mo Kio MRT in your Full No. 4 + SBO + Cantin. ALL THE BEST THIS SATURDAY!

CSM Jeremiah

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Change of Appointment

With immediate effect, 2SG Aaron has been suspended.
2SG Elton will be reinstated to the appointment of the Part A Platoon Sergeant.
2SG Ming Hui has been appointed to take over the Assistant Part A Platoon Sergeant (Training).

CPL Ryan will also be suspended with immediate effect. CPL Wen Xiong will take over his appointment as the Head of Administration.

Passing Out Parade
This is a notice to ALL Part A-D, the POP will be held on Next Saturday, 23 September 2006. The attire is No.3. Reporting time is 1430 hours at the primary school parade square. please do not forget. This is compulsory for ALL part A-D.

CSM Jeremiah

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Orienteering for the company
Venue: Pasir Ris Park Basketball Court, next to Pasir Ris Sea Sports Club.

Date: Saturday, 16 September 2006

Attire: PT Kit

Things to bring: yourself, a bottle of water.

Time: 0900 at Pasir Ris MRT meet your Platoon Sergeants if you do not know how to go. report latest 0930 at Pasir Ris Park Basketball Court

NOTE: Part B ORIENTEERING TEAM, please wear your no 4 for the run. PART B ORIENTEERING TEAM ONLY.

If there are any queries, please contact your Platoon Sergeants.

There is training on friday. Fall in in the Multi-Purpose Court at 1430 hours. Attire is No.4 with PT Kit. There will be a Total Defense lesson during Friday's training. Cadets whose lesson ends late are reminded to tell their Platoon Sergeants.

If any of the instructions is unclear, please make it known to us. IF there is something impt that requires an IMMEDIATE REPLY, DO NOT put it on the tag board. INSTEAD, do not hesitate to call up your Platoon Sergeants.

CSM Jeremiah

Monday, September 11, 2006

Prize Presentation

The following Winners of this events are to report to school in their No.3 on Wednesday, 13 September 2006 at 7 am at the Podium.

- Part A Singles
- Part A Doubles
- Part B Singles
- Part C Singles

Please do not be late for school on that day as their will be a prize presentation. The Emcee will be ASM Wei Jia, whom is also required to wear your No.3.

Senior Specialists Course
Congrats to USM Jeremiah, ASM Victor, ASM Wei Su, ASM Wei Jia and 2SG Sze Jet for sucessfully passing their Senior Specialists COurse and promoted to a Staff Sergeant. Well done!

Orienteering for the company
Company, please take note! This coming Saturday, 17 September, there will be an Orienteering run for the whole company. FULL Attendance is expected as if you pass this orienteering, you will get the Orienteering Badge.

Orienteering team, Part B
Orienteering team, please take note that this Wednesday is the selection for the Orienteering Team. All the best. Your Competition will be on the Saturday after next, which is the 23 of September.

USM Jeremiah

Sunday, September 10, 2006

To all Sea comp medal winners

All Part A, Part B and Part C Sea Comp 2006 medal winners, are to bring their medals to school tomorrow and hand them to SGT Wyeley before morning assembly.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sea Comp 2006


Sea Comp 2006 attire

All parts are to wear the attire assigned to them. All cadets are expected to attend the sea comp even if they are not participating. All cadets are to be outside SSTC by 0800hrs.

Sea Comp 2006

All competitors are to bring a cap as the last pair or last kayaker MUST wear a cap in order to complete the race. Any participating group without a cap will be disqualified.

The cap is to be a jockey cap which is the no.4 cap

ASM Wei Su

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sea Competition Info.

Sea Competition

Date: 4-5 September 2006

Venue: SSTC

Attire: Blue Barracudas + PE Shorts

Time: latest is 0800 Hours outside SSTC

Please do not be late and attendance is compulsory for all cadets. Do show your upmost support for your fellow platoon mates taking part in the Sea Competition.

Platoon Sgt please give ASM Wei Su the Sea Comp Team BY SUNDAY LATEST! He has to fill in the nominal roll which is due on Monday.

Senior Specialist Course
The 5 Part C's going for the SSC on 6-8 September, this is a reminder. DO NOT FORGET ABOUT IT!

NCC Dinner
On the 9th of September, Saturday, there will be a NCC dinner. It will cost $5 per person. this is only open to Part C's only. If interested, please get back to me ASAP. Latest by monday.

CSM Jeremiah

Friday, September 01, 2006



All the best to all sea comp participants!! ALL THE WAY BARRACUDAS!

Attendance is compulsory for Sea Competition on the 4-5 Sept. EVERYONE MUST be down.

CSM jeremiah

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Yellow ribbon project 1 September 2006

All cadets participating in the YRP tomorrow are to be at Ang Mo Koi MRT by 1225 pm. The attire tomorrow will be your no.3 uniform.

ASM Wei Su

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Attire: wet-pt, blue barracudas shirt + pe shorts
Reporting time: LATEST 1.45@ front porch
Pls be reminded that sea trg is compulsory for ALL SEA COMP TEAM members. Failure to comply may result in being 'kicked' out of the team.
As SEA COMP is just round the corner, pls DO come down for trg.

ASM Victor

Monday, August 28, 2006

Thursday Sea Training

Cadets and instructers who are attending this thursday training will be excused from teachers' day celebration. All caets must attend morning assembly in your correct attire.

ASM Wei Su

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sea Training on 31st August 06

All Sea Comp. competitors are to fall in at the front porch in your respective sea training attire at 8.30 am. The venue will be at SSTC. Training will end at 3 pm. you are all adviced to bring light snacks as lunch will not be provided.

Competitors who are not present will be out of the Sea Comp.

All cadets, including Part Cs, are to confirm your attire for the day with your PS. All Part Cs are expected to turn up to help out in training.

ASM Wei Su

Monday, August 21, 2006

PA BnH Team, Sea Training

Part A Bends and Hitches team
Part A cadets in the Bends and Hitches team, on the 30th of august, you will be taking your common test first, then you will go to the competition. If there are any queries, please contact your ASM Victor.

Sea competition members and part C's whom are unable to make it for the Sea training on 25, 30 and 31 August, PLEASE INFORM YOUR RESPECTIVE PLATOON ADMIN SPEC ASAP. If you did not inform your admin, and do not turn up for the training, it would be considered AWOL. Please give valid reasons. I urge the Sea Comp team members to come for all this sea training because the Annual Sea Comp is exactly 2 weeks away.

ASM Wei Su, please compile all the reasons and names of cadets whom are not turning up for the trainings. Please be specific and hand up to Mdm Goh ASAP. Any queries, please contact me.

CSM Jeremiah

Thursday, August 17, 2006


There will be SEA TRAININGS for the Sea Competition Team on the 25 , 30 and 31 AUGUST at SSTC. KEEP THAT DAY FREE. NO EXCUSES WILL BE ALLOWED because you have been told beforehand. all Sea Comp Team members are expected to turn up. Please make sure that this news is spread to all. Excuses such as not checking the Blog will not be accepted. If you know that your platoon mate is unable to check the blog, inform them.

ALL Part C's are expected to turn up due to the lack of manpower during the previous few Sea Trainings.

The Sea Competiton dates are on the 4 & 5 September. PLEASE KEEP THOSE DAYS FREE. Attendance is compulsory for the whole company. The venue is at SSTC.

Yellow Ribbon Project, 1 September
ALL Part C's are expected to turn up for this event, unless there is a valid reason. Tuition will not be accepted as a reason.

Part C's, from now on, there will be a meeting during recess time on days that there are trainings. ATTENDANCE FOR ALL PART C IS COMPULSORY.

CSM Jeremiah

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

pls be reminded that cadets (part A,B,C) are to wear full no.4 for tmros training

Sunday, August 13, 2006

National Camp
This is to the National Camp helpers, you are given a choice to come down for training on Wednesday. Please inform your respective Platoon Sergeants if you are coming down.

Training, 16 Aug 06
This training is compulsory to all Part A's, Part B's whom were NOT involved in the National Camp (Sea Comp Team and THOSE WHO DIDNT HELP OUT AT NATIONAL CAMP) and Part C Sea Comp Team. The 8 helpers helping out at SSTC on sunday, you are also given a choice to come down for training on Wednesday or not.

There will also be an Orienteering Selection on this coming wednesday. IF you are interested, please come down for training. This choice of coming down or not is only open to the the National Camp helpers. The other cadets, your attendance is compulsory. This is open to Part B's only. The top 5 runners will be chosen to take part in this year's Orienteering Competition. Please spread this to all Part B's. THIS WILL BE THE ONLY SELECTION.To the part B's who think they don't stand a chance, DO NOT give up till you've tried.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The 8 cadets whom have volunteered to help out on the this coming sunday, at SSTC, you are to report at 9 am. you are also given a choice as to whether you want to come down for training on the 16 August. THIS INCENTIVE IS ONLY FOR THE 8 CADETS.

11 August Training Matters
SGT Wei Su will be in charge of the training on 11 August, tomorrow, for the PT Sea Competition Training, as SGT Jeremiah will be at the National Camp.

Other matters
SGT Jeremiah and SGT Wei Su will be reinstated by 0000 hrs today to their original appointments. This is a reminder to everyone to always keep track of time.
11 AUGUST 06
There will be a training tomorrow, 4 August 06
Attire: No 4 + PT Kit + Water BottleVenue: SchoolTime
Cadets are reminded to have their lunch first
All are to assemble at MPC by 1415 hours Colours will begin at 1430 hours

All PART A's are to come down for Land Training Regardless of being in the sea comp team or not

PART B Sea Comp Team are to come down for Training

Part C Sea Comp Team and the 3 PARTICIPANTS in National Camp are to come down for training


Names of Part B cadets going for Civil Defence Course:
- Matthew
- Charles
- Shi Jie

Name of Part C cadets going for SSC:
- Jeremiah
- Victor
- Wei Su
- Wei Jia
- Sze Jet

PART C AND PART A CADETS, there will be another Yellow Ribbon Project held on the 1st September. 25 Part C's are required to go, unless unable to reach the quota, it is to be topped up with Part A's. INVALID REASONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

ASM Wei Su, please confirm with CPL Ryan the Nominal Roll for the Sea Comp. It is due this week. PLEASE CONFIRM ASAP.

ASM Wei Jia, please help CPL Ryan with the 25 men for the YRP on the 1st September.



CPL Aaron (Part B), LCP Benjamin (Part A), THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING. DO NOT AWOL ANY TRAINING. Any Part A or B who see this, please inform the two cadets.

THE SEA COMPETITION PLAYS A BIG ROLE IN THE BUC, take every training seriously and no AWOL CASES.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


This is a notice to the PART A cadets whom have yet to go for their trainfire. There will be a make-up session for you all on the 15 August 2006. Please wear your no 4 on that day, and KEEP THAT DAY FREE.

The names are as follows:-
1. Benedict
2. Zachary
3. Chen Wei
4. Marcus
5. Clymene

6. Chawin
7. Wei Don

The Part A Trainfire is important as when you go for your specialist course, you will be tested on it.

This is to the three PART B cadets selected to go for the Civil Defence Course. The Venue would be at:-

HQ 2nd Civil Defence Division
1 Tampines Industrial Ave 3
Singapore 528777

Date: Thursday, 7 September 2006

Time: 0830 Hours - 1700 Hours
Please DO NOT be late. You are advised to be there before the appointed time.

You are reminded to bring your own lunch money as no lunch would be provided.

Senior Specialist Course
The 5 Part C whom are selected to go for the Senior Specialist Course, just a reminder, it will be on the 6th to 8th of September. Please come and get the To-bring list from me.

SGT Jeremiah

Friday, August 04, 2006


CSM Jeremiah Lee and ASM Seah Wei Su will be suspended for 1 week, taking effect at 0000 Hours. The reason behind this is that they were supposed to report at the school's front porch at 1730 Hours, but were late and had the bus wait for them. This will serve as a warning to everyone to keep track of the time.

SGT Tay Wei Jia with effect from today, will be promoted to an ASM.

Training Matters
The training on the 18 August would be shifted forward to the 16 August, Wednesday. This is due to the upcoming Common Tests.

Passing Out Parade
The POP would most probably be held on the 29 September, Friday. TENTATIVE

CSM Jeremiah

Thursday, August 03, 2006


There will be a training tomorrow, 4 August 06.

Attire: No 4 + PT Kit + Water Bottle
Venue: School
Time: Training will end early at 1730 hours

Cadets are reminded to have their lunch first.

ALL PART A's are to come down for Land Training. Regardless of being in the sea comp team or not.

PART B Sea Comp Team are to come down for Training.

Part C Sea Comp Team and the 3 PARTICIPANTS in National Camp are to come down for training.

CSM Jeremiah

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

04 august - 05 august (prep rehearsal + rehearsal 1) [stayover]
-barracudas to report at SEMBAWANG SEA TRAINING CENTRE
at 1600hrs
- cadets will be ferried to tengah resevoir (PLC)
and be dismissed back at boon lay mrt 1800hrs on 05 august
-lunch,dinner and night snacks will be provided

08 august ( rehearsal 2)
-barracudas to report at BOON LAY MRT
at 1500hrs
-cadets will be ferried to tengah resevoir
and be dismissed back at boon lay mrt 2130hrs
-dinner and night snacks will be provided

10 august (rehearsal 3)
-barracudas to report at BOON LAY MRT
at 1400hrs
-cadets will be ferried to tengah resevoir (PLC)
and be dissmissed back at boon lay mrt 2130hrs
-dinner and night snacks will be provided

11 august (final rehearsal + opening ceremony)
-barracudas to report at BOON LAY MRT
at 1400hrs
-cadets will be ferried to tengah resevoir (PLC)
and be dissmissed back at boon lay mrt 2130hrs
-dinner and light snacks will be provided

*barracudas are reminded to be punctual for all events

Kit exchange
HQ NCC Logistics Centre will be closed for KitExchange & drawing of Badges/Ranks from 8 Aug to 11 Aug 06.due to the preperation of the, rehearsal and National Camp at Pasir Lebar Camp.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Something to note

Congratulations to CPL Elton Lim, the current Platoon Sergeant of the Part A's, on his promotion to a Sergeant.

Part A
Part A's, Please do remember that your IMT Classification is tomorrow. Do try your best, and do the company proud. Good Luck!

Thursday, July 27, 2006


31 July 2006 - PART A IMT will be held at Nee Soon Camp. Bus Leaves at 1300 hrs, fall in at 1245. You are allowed to be excused from class at 1230 hrs. Part A PS and APS's are to attend. Wear your no.4 to school. Part A's who see this, please spread to your fellow part a friends.

National Camp Rehearsal
28 July, Friday. TOMORROW, is the National Camp Practice. The bus leaves the front porch at 1500 hrs, do NOT be late. Part B and Part C PS are to attend. If you're not sure if you are involved in the National Camp, PLEASE CALL ME ASAP. TODAY.

Bends and Hitches Competition
The bends and hitches competition will be held on the 30 August. It is also the last day of the CA2.

Sec 1 - return to school for Maths Common Test 2 after competition.

Sec 2 & Sec 3 - Take Common Test 2 then go for competition.

Part B kayaking team, you are to go for Road Marshalling tomorrow, 28 July 2006. Report outside the Log Room at 4.30 pm in your FULL NO 3.

NOTE TO ALL: Please pass the blog address to all ncc cadets. and do keep checking for updates. i will not accept reasons such as not received any call or whatsoever.

Part B Kayaking Team
- Xuan Le
- Reko
- Benjamin
- Roy
- Jonathan
- Nigel
- Adam
- Mark
- Joel
- Sennett
- Zheng Yi
- Stephane
- Shi hao
- Alfred
- Nicholas Koh

Part C Kayaking Team
- Joshua
- Wei Su
- I-zack
- Jeremiah
- Wei Jia
- Elton
- Wesley
- Wyeley
- Sze Jet
- Marcus
- Anthony
- Aaron

Part B Admin, please call up all the part b's involved in the National Camp. MAKE A NEW NOMINAL ROLL NOW. call up ASM for Part B please. Its no longer me, changed to Wei Su. PLEASE DO IT ASAP. BY TODAY. NO AWOL CASES ALLOWED FOR NATIONAL CAMP REHEARSAL.


CSM Jeremiah

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Today, we lost the cutter pulling competition. come on guys, dont let this affect you. I was sad too, but now, i've got a new point of view. That we should never be proud. TEAMWORK. we lacked teamwork, the major factor as to why we lost.

Part C: Today, we might have lost. but be glad, at least we know where we stand now. Train up for the upcoming Sea Comp. THAT's when you get back at them. Use this as an experience. what they didnt know, was that the cutter pullers were in the sea comp team, and they have set us on fire. Our goal, is to win that competition. Just ONE MONTH. i urge you all to train, keep training. its our last sea comp, so let it not be a sad one, but a happy one. one to celebrate for. CHEER UP!

Part B: please train up too. we have seen the other school part b's kayak, and they are better. but you dont want them to win, do you? so put in your best effort! grab hold of every sea trng and make the fullest out of it. we can win it, just as long as you believe and train hard. please do not awol for any sea training. it is crucial to us winning the competition. set a goal for yourself. you can do it.

Part A: i'm very glad that you all have improved. but there's always space for improvement. do not be proud, for that would lead you to failure. but instead, work hard as a team. encourage each other. never give up.


Monday, July 24, 2006

SSC, Sea Comp and Indian Naval Ship Visit

Senior Specialist Course
There will be 5 selected Part C's to attend the Senior Specialist Course on the 6-8 of September.

Sea Competition
To all Sea Comp team members, the Competition will be on the 4-5 of September. Make sure there is nothing on that day, so as to prevent clashes.

Indian Naval Ship Visit

This visit is open to Part B's and C's.
Time: 1700 Hrs - 1900 Hrs
Max Cadets allowed: 6
Date: 3 August 2006

If interested, please come and see me ASAP. Thanks.

CSM Jeremiah

Sea Training on Wednesday

There will be Sea Training this coming Wednesday. ALL Sea Competition participants are required to be present. Any AWOL cases will be dealt with severely. Cadets are to fall in at 1320 hours. Please take your lunch before falling in.

Attire: WET PT KIT (White barracudas) + WATER BOTTLE
Time: 1320 hours - 1800 hours

For ALL National Camp Participants, there will be a REHEARSAL AT KSTC THIS FRIDAY. ATTENDANCE IS COMPULSORY. any AWOL cases will be dealt with severely.

The 10 Part C's whom are going for the Cutter Pulling Finals, the bus leaves at 1330 hours. Please do not be late and have your lunch first.
Congratulations to the Part C's who managed to get into the Finals of the Cutter Pulling Competition. They will be battling out with 3 other schools, ACS (I), ACS (B) and TKSS. ALL THE BEST!

CSM Jeremiah

Friday, July 21, 2006

Review of 21 July Training

Todays attendance from the Part A might not be what we expected, but their performance today is really commendable. They did really well, and endured the physical training. Keep up the good attitude. I hope the company will strive to do better in their performance. Attendance from both Part A and B must be improved. Please do encourage your friends to come for training. If there is anything you all would like to chat about or voice out your feelings, feel free to add me on msn. my email is on the tagboard. once again, part A's attitude today was very good. Do keep improving.

CSM Jeremiah

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Friday 21 July Training

Part A: Bring PT Kit + Water Bottle
NOTE: Part A Team are to turn up for training on friday.


NOTE: Except Part A Team

anything, please talk to me on msn, or drop a note on the tag board. Thanks.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Logistics Room
S4, please take note that the upcoming thursday, 20th july, a inspection of the Log Room will be held during the upper sec recess. Log and Admin Spec must be in attendance.

National Camp
28 July - Dry Practice

4-5 August - Rehearsal + Overnight stay *Bus leaves at 2.30pm*

8 August - Rehearsal 1600 hrs - 2130 hrs *report at BOON LAY MRT 1500 Hrs*

10-11 August - Rehearsal + Overnight stay * report at BOON LAY MRT 1400 Hrs*

11-12 August - Actual event + Overnight stay


Passing Out Parade
POP will be postponed due to upcoming events.

21 July 2006
Part B and C will be having a stand down on the 21st of July. PART A's WILL STILL HAVE TRAINING.

Cutter Pulling
The 10 selected Part C's will have to find their way down to Tanah Merah MRT BY 1330 HRS. There will be an early dismissal. Estimated, at around 12.30pm or maybe earlier.

The naval camp visits will be cancelled again due to the upcoming national camp rehearsal and continual assessments.

To the Company
Dear cadets, i need your upmost support and contribution to the units. Please turn up for trainings. If you have any problems regarding anyone or anything, please feel free to come and tell me. Thanks.

TO ALL PART C, i need to meet with you all during upper sec recess on monday. We need to conduct a short meeting to sort things out due to the hectic schedule. Please contribute all you can, suggestions, or anything. thank you.

CSM Jeremiah

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

National Camp, RSN Activities, Cutter Pulling

National Camp
Please be informed that the rehearsal dates will be on the 5th, 8th , 10th and the actual opening ceremony on the 11th of August.
The rehearsals will start at 1400 hrs, and end at 2130hrs. ALL PART B AND C ARE TO ATTEND. ANY AWOL CASES WILL BE DEALT WITH SEVERELY. If you have anything on that dates, please cancel it. It is COMPULSORY for Part B's and C's. The actual opening ceremony will be at NIGHT, so cadets are advised to bring touch lights.

Please note that, on the 4th of August, PART B's will have their BOFORS TRIP TO IMOS. Attire is No.4, from 1500 hrs to 1700 hrs.

Part C's will have their OTO Melera trip to IMOS on the 18 August. Attire, No. 4, from 1500 hrs to 1700 hrs.

Cutter Pulling
All Part C's taking part in the Cutter Pulling Competition, please know that, it will be on the 19th July 2006, at IMOS. We will be competing against another 3 Schools. PLEASE TRAIN UP. The Competition, has been pushed forward to the 26th of July. On the 19th of July, the 10 Part C's must leave class by 1200 hrs and report at Tanah Merah MRT at 1330 hrs latest. We will be competing against ACS (I) , Riverside Sec and Tanjong Katong Sec.

Dragon Boating
Part A's will be enrolled into a Dragon Boating Course. Part A Platoon Sergeant, please get the details from me ASAP.

CSM Jeremiah

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


National Camp
Please be informed that the rehearsal dates will be on the 5th , 8th and 10th July. 11th July will be the Actual Opening Ceremony. ALL PART B AND C ARE TO PARTICIPATE. IT IS COMPULSORY. the 3 selected Part C's will be informed ASAP.

CSM Jeremiah


New Procedure Initiated
All to note that only the platoon sgts of the respective platoons can initiate a fall-in of the platoon. The platoon sgt himself must be present during the fall-in. Prior approval by the CO for the fall-in is mandatory(compulsory)

ASM Victor

Monday, July 10, 2006

SEA COMP, POP and National Camp

Sea Competition
ALL Sea Comp participants, Please be informed that there will be a Sea Training this Wednesday and Friday.

Wednesday : KSTC, Wet PT Kit, Water bottle
Please have your lunch first, before reporting at the front porch at 1.30pm. No transport will be provided, we will be taking the bus there. DO NOT BE LATE. You need not go for your Napha 2.4 run, because it will be postponed.

Friday: SSTC, Wet PT Kit, Water bottle
Please have you lunch first, before reporting at the front porch at 1.30pm. There will be a one-way transport provided. You will be dismissed at SSTC.

Sea Comp participants, the annual Sea Competition is counted inside the Best Unit Competition. Please DO NOT MISS any Sea Training, because it is very crucial. Thanks.

Passing Out Parade
Please note that this Saturday's POP will be postponed to NEXT SATURDAY, 22 July 2006. ATTENDANCE IS COMPULSORY. ALL Part A,B and C's are to report outside the Log Room, latest by 2pm.

National Camp
For the upcoming National Camp, ALL PART B AND C's ARE TO ATTEND THE OPENING CEREMONY for the kayaking item. IT IS COMPULSORY. The Part B Platoon Sgt will be incharge of ALL PART B AND C, along with the Part C Platoon Sgt assisting him. 3 Part C's will be selected for the National Camp. There will be rehearsal's for the opening ceremony. Please keep checking the blog for further updates. Thank you.

CSM Jeremiah Lee

Sunday, July 09, 2006


TO ALL SEA COMP PARTICIPANTS, on the 12th and 14th july, there is sea training. PLEASE REMEMBER.

12 July - Wet PT Kit + Booties (SSTC)

14 July - WET PT Kit + Booties (KSTC)

National Camp

Cutter Puling
The 10 Part C's going for Cutter Pulling Competition, PLEASE DO NOT forget it is on the upcoming 19th of July.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

National Camp

National Camp
For PART B AND C, you are involved in the Opening Ceremony in the Kayaking item. It will be at night. ALL PART C AND B MUST ATTEND.

3 Part C's will attend the camp. There will be rehearsals for the ceremony. Dates for rehearsal will be confirmed ASAP. National Camp will be from 10 - 13 August.

Part B
The Naval Camp Trip on the 18th of july, is CANCELLED. There will be NO VISITS to the camps.

Part C
The Naval Camp Trip on the 26th of July, is also CANCELLED. There will be NO VISITS to the camps.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

POP and National Camp

Passing Out Parade
It will be held on the 15th of July, Saturday. Please be at school by 2.45 pm latest. We will have a few rehearsals before the actual POP. For Part A's, those who dont know what it is. This parade is held for the official Passing Out of the Part D's.

National Camp
Dear Cadets, there will be an upcoming National Camp where the whole company will be involved in. The information on the camp will be uploaded asap. but, please get prepared for the camp. Thank you.


Friday, June 30, 2006

Upcoming Events for Part A, B and C

Part A
13 July - Train fire
Attire: No 4

Part B
18 July - trip to Naval Camp
Attire: No 4
Time: 1500 hrs - 1700 hrs

Part C
26 July - trip to Naval Camp
Attire: No 4
Time: 1500-1700 hrs

NOTE: Cameras and camera phones ARE NOT ALLOWED. Your bags will be subjected to checks. thank you.

Cutter Pulling Competition
Following are the names of cadets taking part in this year's Cutter Pulling Competition:
- Joshua
- I-zack
- Darren
- Wei su
- Victor
- Wei Jia
- Jeremiah
- Wesley
- Wyeley
- Sze Jet

On the 19th of July, please keep that day free as there will be a lesson on Cutter Pulling. The competition will be on the 2 August, so please learn as much as you can from the instructors. Thanks.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

NCC DAY REHEARSAL and miscellaneous

dear cadets,
on the following tuesday and thursday, there will be a NCC DAY rehearsal.
Tuesday (27 June) :
attire - School Uniform + PT kit

Thursday (29 June):
attire - FULL NO 3 + PT kit

Friday (30 June) will be the ACTUAL NCC DAY. There will also be a STAND DOWN on Friday, due to the Youth Day Celebration.

PART B and PART C Platoon Sergeant's, PLEASE as soon as you receive the nominal roll from me. QUICKLY FILL IT IN. LATEST BY 5 JULY NEED TO SUBMIT. anything else, please leave it on the tagboard, i will reply ASAP. For any further updates, please come to the blog as often as possible, and PLEASE SPREAD TO YOUR PLATOON MATES about this blog. Some of them still dont know that this blog exists.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


There will be an activity on the 18th July 06. At 1500hrs - 1700 hrs. PART B platoon sergeant please get the nominal roll template from me.ASAP.Teacher officers and specialists accompanying the cadets should included into the nominal roll.
Attire: NCC (sea) Camouflaged Uniform
NOTE: Cameras and camera phones ARE NOT ALLOWED. Your bags will be subjected to checks. thank you.

There will be an activity on the 26th July 06. At 1500 hrs - 1700 hrs. PART C platoon sergeant please get the nominal roll template from me.ASAP.Teacher officers and specialists accompanying the cadets should included into the nominal roll.
Attire: NCC (sea) Camouflaged Uniform
NOTE: Cameras and camera phones ARE NOT ALLOWED. Your bags will be subjected to checks. thank you.

Dear all, there will be a new addition to the sea comp this year. 10 PART C's will be selected for the competition.
They would be sent to only ONE training session due to the limited training sessions. The dates of the training sessions are 5 July 06, 12 July, 19 July 06, 26 July 06 and competition on 02 Aug 06.
There will be FOUR schools per training. AT THE END of the training, a mini race will be conducted within the 4 schools so as to select the best team to participate in the finals (02 Aug 06).
For the finals on 02 Aug 06, 8 schools units will be selected to compete for this event
The closing date for registration to take part in the training and competition is 27 Jun 06. Part C PS please give me a call asap. thank you.


Friday, June 16, 2006

yellow ribbon project

Part B's whom are going for YRP please do not be late.


anything else please give me a call or talk to me on msn.


Monday, June 12, 2006

YRP Nominal Roll and etc

Following are the names of the Part B cadets attending the Yellow Ribbon Project :-
- Jonathan
- Alfred
- Ming En
- Frederick
- Shi Hao
- Ray
- Jing Han
- Matthew
- Ming Feng
- Alex
- Shiva
- Adam
- Zhi Peng
- Nigel
- Roy
PS: 0800 hrs at KSTC. No 3 with beret. Please bring along with you a bottle of water. thanks.

There was a mistake in the previous post. ALL PART B's going for kayaking on the 24th June, 1 & 8 July are to GO for the YRP.

Part C's (YRP) going as safety officers :-
- Joshua
- Jeremy
- Wai Kit

Part C's going as safety officers for 2STAR on 24th june, 1 & 8 July :-
- Joshua
- Jeremy
- Jeremiah
- Wei Su


Saturday, June 10, 2006

2 STAR KAYAKING, YRP and any other matters

eFollowing are the names of the cadets going for their 2 STAR course.
on the 21st - 23 June :-
Part B's
- Nicholas.K
- Samuel
- Timothy
- Joel
- Stephan
- Wei Jun
- Mark
- Reko
- Xuan Le
- Benjamin
- Nicholas.L
- Shi Jie
- Jie Sheng
- Sennett
Part C's
- Gabriel
- Joel

On the 24th june, 1 & 8 July :-
Part B's
- Jonathan
- Jing Han
- Alfred
- Matthew
- Ming En
- Alex
- Shiva
- Charles
- Ming Feng
- Zhi Peng
- Frederick
- Roy
- Yeow Boon

MIA or No Form :-
- Shih Hong (MIA)
- Shi Hao (MIA)
- Ray (No Form)
- Adam (No Form)
- Nigel (No Form)

21-23 June : 16 people
24 june, 1 & 8 june : 13 people

Yellow Ribbon Project
ALL Part B's are to take part in the yellow ribbon project.

It is on the 23rd June. From 0800 hrs - 1330 hrs. Reporting Venue is at Kallang Sea Training Centre (KSTC).

All to be in No.3 Uniform with Beret

There will be NO transports provided. Cadets are to make their way to their distribution points themselves.

There will be NO meals provided. Cadets are to take their breakfast before reporting at 0800 hrs at KSTC, they are also to bring a bottle of water when selling the flags.

Part C's
This is only open to the PART C cadets. There will be a upcoming MSTD trip. If interested, please tell me.

Congrats to the Part C's who attended the specialist course and succesfully graduated from it.

There will be NO holiday trainings. The next training will be on the 26th june.

CPL Jeremiah

Friday, May 26, 2006


there will be an important meeting on this coming monday. it will be at 8.30 am, outside the physics lab. please be on time.
we will be discussing about the following:-
(1) rackey of indoor range
(2) discussion about term 3 schedules
(3) any other matters

to all cadets, from now onwards, the SRO will be posted on the blog. this is to help keep your parents updated on the upcoming events. thank you, and take care of yourself! ;D

Monday, May 22, 2006



this wednesday, there will be a REHEARSAL for NCC DAY. ATTENDANCE IS COMPULSORY. for the part b's, if YOU REALLY CANNOT MAKE IT. please give your names to joel, and your reasons along with it. ONLY CERTAIN REASONS WILL BE ALLOWED. please turn up for this wednesday training. for any other updates, please check the SRO. thank you.

please bring you NO.3 on wednesday. thank you.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


dear part c's,
following are the schedule for the june holidays.

27-28 MAY --- AKE mini expedition

2-5 JUNE --- AKE

9-10 JUNE --- specialist course (land)

14-17 JUNE --- mount ophir expedition
note: cadets going for the expedition, please make sure your passport expiry date is valid. must be 6 MONTHS before the day you're leaving singapore.

note: please pass all your particulars to the part c admin (CPL wesley).thank you.

please check the SRO for more detailed information. thank you.

CPL jeremiah lee

Friday, May 19, 2006

the FIRST entry

okay, i'm proud to announce the start of the mshs ncc blog.
well, this blog will be constantly updated by the 3 SM's and maybe other part c's.

i guess there's nothing much to say. hmm, okay. so i the blog is still under construction and please do visit as often as possible for further updates. thanks.

CPL jeremiah